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5 trends for the cosmetics industry in 2022

cosmetics industry - Beauty

The beauty sector is growing significantly. According to CB Insights, an artificial intelligence platform, 2022 was a year with positive results for the segment, being marked by advances in the sustainable economy.

Technology is already part of several areas and will be one of those responsible for some new products that will debut on the market. That's why we've separated five cosmetic trends that will impact the beauty industry this year. Check out!

Products that aim at sustainability

Brush - Beauty

Cosmetic companies are increasingly investing in sustainable products, developed through specialized technology. In these cases, even the packaging of the products was altered, being mostly produced from recycled materials.

According to an online survey, an online market research platform, 54% of buyers prefer to consume products and services from companies and/or brands recognized for their environmental care.

Gray hair never again!

Blonde hair

One of the cosmetic trends is makeup for gray hair. Currently, there are already sprays that fill the white areas, but end up staining the scalp. To solve this issue, companies developed the makeup for gray hair in the shape of a brush, so that the application becomes even faster and more practical.

Edible cosmetics?


The line of products with names and formats identical to foods, which started in hair creams, also reached the cosmetics sector. Some of the trends are: anti-oily açaí ice cream; the exfoliating crumb, and the hazelnut cream mask with anti-aging effect.

Gender Neutral Products

Gender Neutral Products - Blonde hair

As a way to keep up with market changes, the trend is for cosmetic brands to start producing items without a described gender, which everyone can use.

In these cases, skin care products will be the first to join the change, considering that both men and women can use several items. For example, makeup remover and moisturizer products can help men who want to avoid folliculitis caused by shaving.

Beauty connected

Beauty - Hair

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be a resource widely used to trace consumers' profiles, behavior, and needs. Some companies have already created systems that, through a mobile device, identify the user's skin conditions, proposing the necessary care with specific formulas and products. Artificial intelligence will contribute to data collection and also to the production of personalized and more efficient items.

According to data from Ecommerce QualityIndex, the digital medium already impacts more than 60% of total retail sales. Thus, it is worth noting that the technology will also increase e-commerce sales and reach high quality products to consumers in all regions of the country.