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4 fashion classics that will make your outfit immediately look more expensive

4 fashion classics that will make your outfit immediately look more expensive

Oftentimes, the accessory makes the look. With a few simple steps, you can ensure that your everyday outfit looks like it has been professionally styled. You can do that with these must-haves.

They are the standards that we can always fall back on when in doubt and that never go out of style. We just have to have pearl necklaces or turtlenecks in our wardrobes. But we style these all-rounders differently today than 50 years ago - in some cases, we have even completely misused them.

1) The silk scarf

The silk scarf

Maybe one or the other still knows it from their grandmother - after all, silk scarves have always been standard. However, that doesn't mean they have to be stale! On the contrary, they offer an infinite number of styling options and are particularly popular with influencers. Whether in a pirate look, as a scarf, or as a replacement for a hair tie, you will always cut a good figure with a silk scarf. And you don't have to resort to expensive fashion labels for that. There are many models here at more affordable prices.

However, the real misappropriation happens here: We will see silk scarves more frequently in the near future as an accessory for simpler bags. So you can give a normal "standard bag" that special something. So it is always worth investing in silk scarves.

2) The pearl necklace

pearl necklace

Also a classic that is partly passed on from generation to generation: the pearl necklace. As much as we love it, it can unfortunately come across as too conservative. That's why we now prefer to wear them in asymmetrical shapes or prefer chains with only a few pearls.

But that doesn't mean that the classic pearl necklace has to disappear in the cellar forever. If you already have this classic at home, just try layering or turning the piece of jewelry into a real eye-catcher with a deliberately chosen break in style!

3) Round pumps

Round pumps

The queen has loved round pumps, also with a round foot neckline, for many decades. Not without reason - after all, these shoes are extremely comfortable to wear. Perhaps precisely because we see the queen in them so often, we tend to associate the shoes with outfits that are less up-to-date. But that doesn't have to be the case! Because we love the models now in flashy colors and patterns. Even the queen would be jealous!

4) Leather belt

Leather belt

A good leather belt is part of the basic fashion equipment. Most of the time, however, it only has a practical purpose. It has the potential to become a real it-piece.

So come on, from now on, we combine our leather belts in completely new ways: How about, for example, if you wear it over your blazer? Or knotted together instead of tied with the buckle? There are so many possibilities here - there are no limits to your fashion creativity.