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Olive skin: how to find the right makeup for this type of skin

Olive skin: how to find the right makeup for this type of skin

Identifying the exact skin type is a great challenge for those in the world of makeup. Knowing what the tone and undertone are can generate many doubts and ends up interfering when doing the makeup and choosing the colors and tones that will most enhance the skin.

It is noteworthy that the combinations are essential to guarantee devastating productions. And to achieve this goal, it is necessary to know each type of skin well, as this way it is possible to develop the necessary mixtures.

With that in mind, today we are going to talk about a specific type, which is olive skin. So that there is no doubt about how to identify it and help you not to make any mistakes during the make, we will bring you valuable information. Read on to learn more!

What is olive skin, and how to identify it?

What is olive skin, and how to identify it?

This skin type is a little harder to identify and tends to make people a little confused. And to put an end to any doubt, let's get down to business.

Olive skin has a more yellowish tone, and the background is composed of undertones that are greenish. Also, the lips have a more rosy background.

Those who have this type of skin, in most cases, have dark hair and eyes.

It is also necessary to remember that those who have this complexion face some difficulties to find the ideal makeup.

The foundation and corrective challenge

What is olive skin, and how to identify it?

When choosing the right products to make up this type of skin, a point of attention is the base. Finding a color that doesn't turn the skin too gray or pink can take a few tries.

A tip to get the perfect foundation is to combine! The ideal is to look for foundations with shades of pink and yellow and mix them to get the ideal color, which can bring an incredible effect to the skin.

Another important point is corrections. As with the base, you need to combine more than one color to arrive at an ideal shade to camouflage imperfections.

This type of skin has dark circles that tend to be more purple shades, which require yellow concealers to cover. It is necessary to emphasize here that each skin behaves in a different way, so always keep in mind that the combination of products is a differential for production.

Tips to enhance

Tips to enhance

In addition to what we've shown so far, olive skin requires some simple but effective tricks to bring out its natural beauty. Check out below some that can make a difference in makeup!

     Tan effect: Using Angel Wings Compact Powder in more tanned tones ensures the enhancement that olive skin needs to stand out;

     Blush: for a more natural look, the most suitable blush for olive skin are those with more earthy tones and even peach;

     Lipstick: Nude, red, and pink tones will make this skin even more highlighted and valued;

     Choice of colors: As this skin has some peculiarities, it is good to avoid shades of purple, which can highlight dark circles. In complementing the look, it is necessary to be careful with colors that are more yellowish, as these may not highlight the olive skin well.

What did you think of our tips? Now that you know a little more about olive skin, just put the learning into practice and rock the productions, knowing how to identify this type to make the best makeup choices!