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Beauty tips for the perfect prom styling

Beauty tips for the perfect prom styling

The graduation ball is one of the most important events in school. Schoolchildren, in particular, think about what they want to look like in this event long before they graduate. And that's a good thing, you should start preparing and planning at least two months before the event.

Look like a princess for once, so you don't necessarily have to wait until the wedding. The prom also offers a great opportunity to wear a beautiful, elegant dress.

This, of course, includes the right accessories and an unusual hairstyle. Today we give you a few helpful tips for styling, hair and make-up for the prom.

Find a spectacular ball gown

Find a spectacular ball gown

The most important thing about the prom is a breathtaking and extraordinary dress. In magazines and on the Internet, you can get suggestions about how the dream dress should ultimately look.

Whether you opt for a floor-length robe or a short cocktail dress is not just a question of taste, but also that of your type.

Girls who are more of the sporty type would certainly not feel authentic in a long evening dress, which does not exactly contribute to feeling good at this big event.

On the other hand, courageous students can choose a high-slit, seductive dress in a bright colour. If you go shopping in a boutique, you should take two or three friends with you, they can judge what suits you best.

Makeup and nails for the big day

Makeup and nails for the big day

Anyone who is not so skilled at applying make-up and wants to spare their nerves can have a professional do their job for the prom. Many hairdressers also offer make-up so that you can get both from a single source.

Regardless of whether you do your own make-up or have yourself done, a test make-up should always be on the program. It is best to wear the dress so that the make-up can be color-coordinated with it. You can find a lot of inspiration on the Internet, for example through tutorials on YouTube or pictures on Pinterest.

The make-up for the prom can be beautifully glamorous, with glitter and shimmer. Match the eyeshadow to your eye colour, or opt for neutral nude tones, which actually always fit.

You should treat your nails to a manicure and a pedicure a few days before the event if you want to wear open shoes or peep toes. A classic red looks especially pretty on the nails if it goes well with the dress's colour.

Recommended hairstyles for the prom

Recommended hairstyles for the prom

Just as you should think about the right make-up, you also have to think about the desired hairstyle in good time. The best thing to do is to put on your dress to find the perfect hairstyle.

The classic par excellence for long hair is of course an updo. And updos are not just updos; there are tons of variants, the internet is sure to help you once again with suggestions.

If you have yourself styled at the hairdresser's, take a photo with you when you visit before the big day, so that a trial hairstyle can be done. Individual braided sections of the updo also look very pretty and romantic. But even a complete braided hairstyle can be a great eye-catcher at the prom.

Maybe you have a few fabric flowers worked in or glittering hair accessories, such as a tiara. You can also have hair decorations made from real flowers at the florist. Even loose hair can look particularly pretty with curls or waves.

If you have short hair, you don't have to do without a glamorous look. In this case, you skilfully rely on hair accessories such as a sparkling tiara, pearls, a noble fascinator or hair clips set with rhinestones.

Your short hair can also look very simple and elegant if you style it backwards in a wet look. It is best to get advice from your hairdresser.