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Foundation for black skin: how to choose the ideal color and product

Foundation for black skin

All good makeup starts with choosing the right products. And when we talk about the foundation for black skin, even more attention is needed so that the production goes as planned.

It is necessary to know the type of skin well, knowing the tone and undertone, which will be essential in the selection process.

We all want that when the makeup is ready, the result will be surprising and start out sighs, isn't it?! But that will only happen if you know what you're doing.

With that in mind, today, we have some tips for you to choose the ideal colour and product.

Knowing your skin type

Foundation for black skin (Blush)

Knowing the undertone is essential so that black skin does not look grey.

It is important to remember that the face has different shades. The centre, for example, tends to be lighter, which may require you to always have more than one base tone on hand to avoid making mistakes.

Thus, the lighter base goes towards the centre and the darker towards the sides of the face. Then just go mixing so that the skin is totally uniform. Look carefully at the face, and you will be able to distinguish the colours.

And if you're not used to this process yet, you can start small, take it slow and practice until you get the hang of it.

There is one more essential thing: watch your face when it is clean and toned, so that no external influence of the moment interferes with the choice of products. It is also worth noting that light can be a villain and an ally here.

When choosing or testing a product, look for more natural light so that the brightness doesn't end up changing things too much.

The foundation for black skin

The foundation for black skin

When choosing a foundation for black skin, it's worth testing and matching the shades until you find the ideal one. But remember that this test needs to be done on the face.

That traditional custom of testing the product on the wrist is cool, but it can give you several colour differences.

In addition, it is worth leaving the product on the skin for a while so that you can notice its behaviour. Some products can lose pigmentation or effect throughout the day, so it is important to consider how long the production needs to take to choose the products.

The ideal foundation is one that makes you feel good, covering possible imperfections and bringing all that much-desired uniformity.

The influence of base types

foundation for black skin (Blush)

Coverage is a crucial point when choosing the base. Imagine how you want the skin result to choose the product. There are several types of bases that can bring different results.

The liquid and creamy ones are indicated for that more natural effect, as for a more intense coverage, which will highlight the make, go with everything in Paint Stick, for example, which is in the form of a stick.