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Fall / Winter 2022 shoe trends

When it comes to trends, it is noticeable that the shoes in winter 2022 are particularly richly decorated; hardly any designer wanted to do without embroidery and gemstones. Color blocking is also an important issue for shoes.

Color-blocking high heels

Single-colored high heels are far too boring for this fall, and color blocking has also arrived in the world of shoes. Recently, on the catwalks of the international fashion capitals, you have mainly seen pumps with a combination of several colors.

Mostly it was two different colors, but some designers also presented shoes in three colors. This type of shoe has been seen a lot at Prada and Stella McCartney in particular.

Although muted tones rule in the cold season of the year, the focus this year is on lots of colors; the heel usually differs in color from the rest of the shoe.

For example, you saw red high heels with white heels or white pumps with black heels.

The label Miu Miu presented shoes in which the sole is colored, or in some models, the toe of the shoe was a different color. On the other hand, Stella McCartney is currently relying on high heels with a different colored platform sole.

Opulent decorations

Restraint is by no means the trump card in autumn/winter 2022! Lush decorations can be found on both boots and high heels. Dolce & Gabbana presented numerous models with embroidery, gold elements, pearls, and gemstones at the fashion shows.

Flowers are currently an important topic in the fashion world, which is why they should not be missing on shoes. Regardless of whether it is lovingly designed embroidery or flowers made of fabric, plastic, or leather.

Prada also showed romantic shoes with adornments made of pearls, plastic plates, or colorful crystals. In addition to eye-catching pearls, the models by designer Vivienne Westwood also featured numerous sequins in gold or silver.

Wide-leg boots

In the coming fashion season, leather boots often have a wide shaft, which also makes the legs appear slimmer at the same time. Calvin Klein presented, among other things, embossed leather boots that reach down to the knee and have a pointed shape.

Alexander Wang and Hernandez, on the other hand, opted for boots in the style of Doc Martens, which, thanks to their coarse appearance, particularly go with the sporty leisure look. So that these boots don't look too hard, fine leather is used, and a fancy peep-toe variant is used.

However, the wide shaft is also present in these models. Givenchy even presented noble boots with a shaft that extends to the soles, which is reminiscent of the Wild West's cowboys. This trend does not stop at over knee boots this year either.

Wedge sneakers

Sneakers are very popular with many women as comfortable casual shoes. The latest trend are so-called wedge sneakers, i.e., sneakers that have a wedge-style heel. The heel is continuous, as you know it, from the typical wedges.

The result is a particularly sporty version of the popular wedges, on which you can also walk comfortably. Sometimes they are closed with laces, but there are also models with Velcro fasteners or buckles.

When it comes to materials, the main focus is on artificial leather, leather, or linen, and inexpensive models are now also available in stores. The wedge sneakers can be worn with casual trousers or leggings as well as with a short skirt. This trend is definitely a matter of taste!