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5 classic shoes and their optimal outfits

5 classic shoes and their optimal outfits

"You can never pay enough attention to choosing your shoes. Too many women consider them unimportant, but the real evidence of an elegant woman is what she wears on her feet" (Christian Dior)

1) Pumps - the all-rounders

Pumps - the all-rounders

As already mentioned above, pumps are one of the absolute classics and must-haves of a woman. They have become an indispensable part of fashion. They look elegant and casual at the same time and also make a nice leg. Very popular are Pumps in black at the office fashion because they can be combined with almost anything and be serious especially. Compared to high heels, the lower heel height is also a great advantage because you can survive a long working day on them. But not only in the office, also on the street or at a glamorous appearance in the evening, pumps always cut a good figure.

Pumps go with:





     Business outfit

"By the way: It doesn't always have to be black, of course. Pastel-colored pumps are also a real eye-catcher.

2) Ballerinas - the comfortable ones

Ballerinas - the comfortable ones

A summer without ballerinas is hard to imagine. Just slip in, and off you go. Ballerinas, which owe their name to the very similar ballet shoes, are flat, extremely comfortable, and can even look very elegant with the right outfit. The feminine treads go well with jeans, but they also look fabulous with a skirt and dress. Where they don't fit at all is with bootcut jeans or other bell-bottoms. This makes the legs look visually shorter.

What we want are long and slim legs. And that works with ballerinas too. The right outfit is important for this. The shoes should be in the same color as the pants or skirt. This means that the body is not visually interrupted, making it appear slimmer and larger. The same effect is also found with tight-fitting trousers that are rolled up to just above the ankles.

Ballerinas go with:





3) Ankle boots - the mix

Ankle boots - the mix

Ankle boots are a successful combination of pumps and boots. They have a shaft that just goes down to the ankle. The treads can be combined at least as flexibly as ballerinas and pumps. Boots can be worn comfortably with leggings and skinny jeans. Those who like to stand out in terms of fashion can also wear boots with airy summer dresses. This results in a break in style, but it still looks chic and is by no means a faux pas.

Boots go with:

     tight jeans


     short to medium length skirts

     light summer dresses

4) Loafers - the alternative

Loafers - the alternative

Old men and chic types only wear loafers? The times are long gone. Nowadays, even many women wear trendy shoes. No wonder, they are just as comfortable as ballerinas, but depending on the choice, they still have that little certain something.

The best way to combine the classic loafers with skinny jeans or boyfriend jeans. Loafers also look stylish with an elegant dress or trouser suit.

What is hard to believe is the fact that loafers can even be worn with socks. So you can still wear the comfortable kicks in the colder months of the year. Wear what you feel like doing. The socks can be colorful, flashy, and eye-catching. Even fishnet stockings or thick wool socks are not taboo.

Loafers go with:

     Skinny or boyfriends jeans

     short skirts

     elegant clothes

     Pant suits

5) Sandals - the shoes for hot summer days

Sandals - the shoes for hot summer days

When it's hot outside, there is only one perfect pair of shoes, and that is sandals. These can actually be combined with all clothing items in summer. Sandals with laces are very elegant, and of course, they look better with a dress or short skirt than with long and wide trousers. A jumpsuit with lace-up sandals or the currently popular cropped trousers, for example, look very elegant.

»Caution: after a long winter and a long time in socks, some feet just look unsightly. Before you put your bare feet in sandals, however, you should make sure that they look well - groomed.

Sandals go with:

     short shorts




     Cropped pants