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Animal prints don't go out of style

Animal prints style fashion

In the 1960s, animal prints were the absolute hit in the fashion world. Fashion-conscious women wore exciting leopard prints or opted for the exotic zebra look. This fashion trend has been experiencing a revival for a few years now.

In the past, clothing with animal prints was mostly dismissed as cheap. That has changed, but how you wear them is also important so it doesn't get too wild. So if you choose a piece with an animal print, be it pants, a dress or even a bag, the rest of the outfit has to be discreet.

Animal prints for all styles

Animal prints style fashion

The best thing to do is to opt for single-coloured clothing, although black always works. This season, dark red is one of the trend colours, and it goes perfectly with the animal patterns, be it a zebra or cheetah pattern.

You don't have to do without this look in the office, but it should look nice and classic. A monochrome pencil skirt goes well with a top in muted animal colours, then a chic blazer over it, and the business outfit is ready.

If you just want to set accents, you can simply wear a scarf or scarf with an animal print with your business outfit, or spice up any casual look with jeans and a simple shirt. A patterned blouse goes very well with casual jeans.

The hunting season has started

Animal prints style fashion

Animal prints are something for every woman, regardless of whether you like it more classic and elegant or casual and eye-catching. You always show style with prints in muted colours combined with plain clothes. But not every woman wants to appear so discreet, reserved.

The classic zebra is black and white, snakeskin is brown or greenish. But for courageous fashionista, there are wild patterns in all possible colors and bright combinations such as pink-green or blue-yellow - with the animal prints, anything is possible this season.

Even braver ones dare to try combinations with other patterns such as stripes or flowers, but you have to have a good knack for fashion. You always have to pay attention to enough style because otherwise, the outfit will be very conspicuous and possibly too provocative.

In this case, it is better to keep your hands off very deep necklines, short cuts or transparent fabrics. We encounter animal prints not only in clothing but also in accessories.

With shoes or handbags in a leopard, snake, or zebra look, you can spice up an otherwise simple outfit in no time.

The animal prints on the catwalk

Animal prints style fashion - handbag

The designers show us how it is on the international catwalks every season and thus provide us with a lot of inspiration. At the big shows, everything from shoes, clothing and accessories to cell phone cases was seen in animal print, including all-over looks.

At Adidas by Stella McCartney, for example, things were both sporty and unusual. A python pattern in olive emblazoned on the sneakers, laces in bright green and a sole in bright fuchsia - a great eye-catcher.

Converse was in no way inferior and presented shoes with an exotic zebra pattern. Dolce & Gabbana send us on vacation with a Leo trolley, Anna-Karin Karlsson has matching sunglasses with temples in light blue.