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Handbag models that every woman should have!

Handbag models

In the "world of handbags," nowadays, handbag models are used in different ways, thus, going well with any occasion, production, and style of women. However, some of them are true fashion icons. Thus, known as "wild card" models of handbags.

Next, you'll know the well-known models of bags that shouldn't be missing in your wardrobe!

Bag: models that cannot be missed!

Bag colors


The colors make some bags wild for us to have at home. For example, always have a black bag available. Also, a beige bag or in pastel shades like nude.

The most colorful bags are excellent, but they don't always go well with some productions and clothes colors, for example. Thus, they are mandatory accessories!

Bag models: wildcard sizes

Handbag - Wildcard sizes

In addition to the colors, it is always convenient to have a small and a medium bag at home. In this case, small ones can be very useful for more social events, or for when you don't want or can't carry a bigger purse.

Also, always have a medium-sized bag among your accessories. They're ideal for occasions when you need to pack more stuff, right?



Purses with details make us fall in love. But, it's also good to have a bag, at least, without so many ornaments. So, if you want a more discreet look, save on details.

In other words, always have a bag with a basic design and style among your accessories, combined?

Wallet Bag Models

Yellow Wallet Bag Models

It's always good, too, to have a hand-held or wallet-type model. Having such a model among your accessories, you are not taken by surprise when you are invited, for example, to formal or social events.

In addition, you can have separate bag handles at home. In this case, they can be placed in your wallet or handbag to transform into purses to be used across the shoulder or even across.

Sports bags

Sports bags

Having a sports bag model is another bag that goes with everything. This type of bag is for going to the gym, the beach, a walk in the park, or events in more casual environments.

In addition, sports bags are generally made of very strong materials and basic styles. That way, they last a long time and really match everything!

Backpack type


Finally, having a backpack-type purse is another one of the purse models that can go with everything. From social looks to the most laid-back, it's always a versatile bag option.

Furthermore, it becomes a safe and comfortable accessory. That's because you can hang the bag on your back and keep your hands free. And if you're carrying something of value, carry your backpack-style bag hanging from the front, for example!

Suitcase bag model

Suitcase bag model

And it never hurts also to have a suitcase-type bag model. This type of bag is perfect for short trips or when you're going to spend a few days in one place.

So you don't need to carry traditional travel bags, which are big. And, on the other hand, you don't need to carry several smaller bags to fit belongings, such as changing clothes and personal hygiene items.