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What's the difference between eyeliner and pencil?

difference between eyeliner and pencil

A secret to leaving the self-makeup with a professional finish is to understand exactly what the function of each product is and know in which region of the face to use it. With that in mind, We have prepared a complete guide to explain the difference between eyeliner and pencil, two very similar and essential items in makeup, but which should not be confused or substituted for one another.

For those who are now entering the world of makeup, it is common to think that having just one of the products in the toilet bag is enough to elaborate any production, but that's not quite the case. In fact, eyeliner has greater versatility. However, if used in some situations, it can leave your look compromised and the eyelid too heavy.

In order not to run the risk of making mistakes exactly when finishing the eyes and messing up the entire make, discover the difference between eyeliner and pencil and learn when and how to use each one of them. Check out!

The difference between eyeliner and pencil

difference between eyeliner and pencil

There is no mystery to distinguish one product from another, as the main difference will always be the texture. While the eyeliner is soft, opaque, and dry, the eyeliner is very liquid, and even in the pen version, its consistency is much more similar to a damp paint without scintillation.

However, despite being dry, the pencil is usually more pigmented and can smudge more easily, unlike eyeliner, which after being applied to the skin, has a very resistant and long-lasting drying. With this information, it is already possible to keep in mind where it would not be legal to apply each one of them, right? But to help you, we'll explain it in detail below.

Where not to apply the pencil?

apply the pencil on eye

You can use the eye pencil to help when making the outline; however, due to the different texture between eyeliner and pencil, making the complete outline on the eyelids using it can leave the region much darker than ideal and still stain with any contact, including your own hair.

Some people also use eyeliner to fill in their eyebrows, a mistake that can be costly. The eyebrow hairs are more sensitive and can weaken with the product's highly pigmented dye, in addition to the cosmetic tone being disproportionate to the hair's natural color. So, the tip is to always use a pencil that is specific for eyebrows when you want to correct and color it, ok?

Where not to apply eyeliner?


Trying to mark the waterline with eyeliner is not a good idea, as the liquid texture easily dissolves when it comes in contact with water and tears. In other words, the natural lubrication of the eyes will eventually reach your path and trigger production.

In addition, one of the biggest differences between eyeliner and pencil is that this product is not designed to make up the inside of the eyes, which can cause irritation, redness, and even an allergic attack. For this reason, one thing is certain: each cosmetic has its own application area, and this should not be overlooked.

4 ways to use eyeliner and pencil

eyeliner and pencil

These products can be used together or separately, according to the type of make you want to produce.

For light smoke on the eyelids

The pencil can be applied in a thin line and then slightly smudged on the eyelids whenever you want a quick, smooth makeup, but still with a very elaborate look.

To mark the waterline

the waterline

The waterline marked with a high pigmentation pencil is a great way to boost that overproduction, giving a sexier look to your makeup.

To outline the upper eyelids

outline the upper eyelids

Only the eyeliner can make the perfect line on the eyelids, especially when you want a thinner and more discreet result. Also, know that the eyeliner pen is an excellent indication for the most accurate risks, ok?