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False eyelashes: tips for putting on

False eyelashes

Do you know how to put on false eyelashes? No? Then you came to the right place. Here, we will teach you a complete walkthrough to apply them in a practical, easy, and error-free way. In addition, we also list 3 professional tips for you to use these extra strands in all your makeup, including your everyday ones.

Nobody wants lashes peeling off or weighing down their eyes, do they? Not to mention that it's not cool when the ends start to come loose from the eyelid, compromising the charm of the production and leaving it with an amateur look. And do you know what causes this? Please choose a model that doesn't fit your eye's shape and lacks technique when gluing it.

So, if you want to learn how to put on false eyelashes without making them crooked and unstable, check out a tutorial below to never produce makeup without that impactful look. Come on?

Before putting on false eyelashes

False eyelashes

To get a professional result with your false eyelashes, even if you produce it yourself, just follow the step-by-step instructions we'll teach you below. It is essential to train your coordination to bring them as close as possible to the natural root.

Before starting the tutorial, how about knowing the 3 tips that will make your strands voluminous and much prettier after placing the artificial version? Just look:

Prepare your natural lashes

False eyelashes

It is a mistake to think that natural eyelashes do not need care when using the false version. In reality, it's just the opposite. Your strands need to be strong and well aligned to give an even more beautiful effect.

So the first rule is: never sleep on mascara! The product hardens the hairs and makes them brittle. Another golden tip is always to use an eyelash curler to bring them close to the shape of the hairpieces that will be added later. Always remember to use a quality eyelash curler made of metal to break or weaken its natural root.

Shape the false eyelashes before applying them

False eyelashes

Trim the ends of the false eyelashes to fit the size of your eyes. Do this carefully so as not to make them uneven or too short, okay?

Use a suitable glue

False eyelashes - Suitable glue

It is often possible to notice that someone is using false eyelashes not because of the volume, but because of the poor quality material used, which is in evidence and detonates the entire production.

The transparent glue is ideal for beginners and great for those who want an eye without having to resort to other makeup items. On the other hand, the black glue gives a professional finish and leaves an incredible result when the eyes are smudged with shadows and the outline traced, for example.

How to put false eyelashes in 5 steps

False eyelashes

Did you write down the tips? So, it's time to check out how to put on false eyelashes following the secrets of top makeup artists!

Step 1: Apply the glue close to the eyelids

After choosing the ideal glue, apply a small amount on the eyelids and make sure the gum is very close to the roots of your natural hairs. You must be very careful not to overdo the amount and wait between 20 and 30 seconds before moving on to the next step.

Step 2: Apply the gum also to the eyelashes

While you wait, apply the glue also to the false eyelashes, which should have already been measured and cut according to the size and model you want. Pay attention to the dose of glue, so that the lashes are not sticky beyond the base.

Step 3: Place false eyelashes close to the eyelids

After waiting the necessary time, apply the false eyelashes exactly on the line where the glue material was placed. The 30-second wait is essential for it to gain consistency and effect. So, no skipping this step, okay?

Step 4: Make adjustments at the ends of the lashes

With the help of an eyebrow tweezer, make sure that the ends of the false eyelashes are securely attached. This process needs to be quick, but gentle, so that the glue doesn't harden on the lashes and the rest ends up peeling off.

Step 5: Apply a layer mask

With the artificial eyelashes fixed, use the eyelash mask to join the hairpieces to your natural ones and give a very natural effect. The product also serves to give extra support to the toupees and, of course, boost the volume.