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Party dresses: Discover the ideal model for your body and style!

Party dresses ideal

Graduation parties, birthdays or weddings, all these occasions call for perfect party dresses!

But which one to use? Better a short one or a long one? Which model suits my body? What does it have to do with my style?

These questions are common, and we will help you resolve them all!

Maid of honor dress

Maid of honor dress (Red)

Let's start with the bridesmaid dress:

In addition to all the tasks that already occupy a godmother's schedule, choosing a dress for the big day should also be given special attention!

If you're a bridesmaid and the bride hasn't restricted a specific dress color or model, it's time to play!

What to avoid when choosing a dress


But beware! The tip of not wearing a white dress is still valid! After all, you don't want to compete for attention with the protagonist of the event, right? Black should also be avoided in this case, ok?

Avoid exaggerated necklines, sparkles, and very dark colors, try to stay in lighter tones.

Godmother's dress when the wedding is held at night

If the wedding is at night and especially in an upscale location, you can invest in glitz.

Embroidery, darker colors, other than black and striking accessories are also good options.

Party Dresses Tips for Bridesmaids

Party Dresses for Bridesmaids

Want to see more tips for this special occasion?

We have written an exclusive article with the main suggestions of dresses for bridesmaids!

Wedding Party Dresses for Guests

An invitation is also very special, mainly because the wedding ceremonies are more and more restricted.

If you are invited to a wedding, your look will also depend on the time of the event.

The location and also the temperature must be taken into consideration, but the restrictions are less for the guests.

Party dresses for weddings during the day

If the wedding is during the day, a wedding on the beach or in the countryside, the tip to avoid glare is super valid. Also, avoid very dark colors and dresses that are too tight.

Short party dresses or midi dresses are a great option for guests. If you are short, prefer knee-length.

Evening wedding dresses

Wedding Dresses

When the party takes place at night, it's also nice to avoid dresses that are too short!

In this case, the wedding party dresses that will rock are those with shine, embroidery and black color!

Plus size party dresses

Choose the style of party dresses that suits you best. Prefer to highlight your strengths.

If the chosen point is the lap, for example, the V-neck is a perfect option!

Fluid fabrics with a good cut ensure a good fit and prevent unwanted marks on the body.

In addition, fluid fabrics with a straight fit can help give the body a more elongated look.

Monochrome or print plus size party dresses?

Monochromatic pieces are a good option for the plus size woman.

If you like prints, no problem, but prefer those with a darker background and smaller size.

Length of the plus size party dress

pink party dress

If the dress is on the knee or midi, choose shoes that show the instep and color similar to your skin tone.

These tips are ideal for providing a stretching effect on the silhouette.