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Midi Dress: Discover perfect looks to rock on multiple occasions!

Directly from 1920, the midi dress brings a super charming vintage look!

With the introduction of women into the labor market, the length was ideal for the practicality that the new routine required.

The short hems became the darlings of women after Christian Dior's New Look and the ladylike look in 1950.

But... wait! What is a midi length?

These are the ones between your knees and ankles!

The midi dress is capable of making any look more elegant on various occasions. Do you want inspiration to betting on the piece without fear, knowing what values ​​your style and physique?

When and how to wear the Midi Dress

How to wear the Midi Dress

The midi dress is the face of elegance. Plus, it has a versatility that any woman wants in an outfit. It is ideal for both work and special occasions, such as cocktails and parties, and even for the weekend.

The Midi Dress in everyday life

Midi Dress for Everyday

Take advantage of the sophistication of the midi dress to bet on the Hi-lo look combined with casual sneakers. Perfect match for everyday productions that demand more comfort and practicality!

Don't like tennis? OK!

How about betting on sneakers? The pointed-toed nude models will elongate your silhouette and soften the shortening effect of the midi dress.

The Midi Dress at Work

Midi Dress at Work

The midi dress is also perfect for work, especially when worn with a pump!

Tip: follow the same logic as the shoes for pumps, if you want to lengthen your silhouette. Slim nude beak, combined?

The midi tube dress model is very suitable for this occasion.

Wearing the Midi Dress at parties

Midi Dress at parties

The midi dress is an ally at all times and accompanies us in even the most exquisite celebrations. The more luxurious versions are super suitable for parties.

Plus, you can explore matching your dress with the power of accessories and making your look even more elegant.

Midi wedding dress

Informal weddings, like those on the beach, or daytime, ask for a lighter and more laid-back look.

The midi dress is the perfect bet for combining business with pleasure: it maintains elegance, bringing a touch of lightness.

Midi dress for graduations

Midi dress - graduations

Graduations often leave guests undecided about which midi dress is suitable for the occasion. The midi dress, with all its versatility, is perfect for celebrating this moment.

Midi Dress Models

With so many options, it's hard to know which midi dress model to bet on!

Don't worry, we have special tips to help you make more qualified purchases to enhance your style and curves. Just look:

Fit Midi Dress

The slim midi dress is perfect for sexy-style women!

The model values ​​the curves of the body and is the darling of women with an Hourglass physique.

If you're not comfortable, we have some tricks to bet on clothes.

The third pieces are your main allies when investing in the fitted midi dress.

Midi dress with slit

Midi dress with slit

Slit midi dress is also a favorite of the sexiest women. This detail, in addition to being powerful, elongates the silhouette.

Midi tube dress

Traditional and refined styles love this model for bringing elegance and sophistication without much effort.

In addition, the midi tube dress enhances the Plus Size women's body!

Midi dress

Attention, romantics on duty! The midi dress is perfect for you!

Super sweet and delicate, this model is for each of the most feminine women. To make the look even more romantic, bet on light colors for your midi dress.

The midi dress is also suitable for women of the Inverted Triangle physique, as it brings more volume to the hip region.