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How do you style a midi skirt?

style a midi skirt

We encountered a well-known fashion trend again this year. Skirts now have a very extraordinary length - the midi skirt already conquered the international catwalks last year.

But many women are very unsure what to wear with a midi-length skirt. That's why we're giving you a few styling tips today.

How long is a midi skirt exactly now? The hem of the skirt extends into the area between the calf and ankle. Some may think of the look as stuffy and old-fashioned at first. But, you have to get used to this new trend length for sure.

If you style the skirt correctly, then it is actually a figure flatterer for every woman. It makes the legs look longer and the hips a little narrower. So what more does a woman want?

Wide skirts are reminiscent of the 50s

Wide skirts

The silhouette of most midi skirts pays homage to the 1950s, when people liked to wear plate and bell skirts that swing wide. The style icon and Monegasque princess Grace Kelly wore this fashion very skillfully.

The waist was nice and narrow, a blouse with a nice cleavage or a tight top was worn with it, high heels on the feet, and the highlight were long gloves. Dior also perfected this look with a staged waist in the 50s.

A few pounds too much on the ribs are skilfully concealed, and the feminine curves are emphasized. This makes the look extremely feminine and elegant. While many believe the bell shape would apply, this is definitely not the case if you choose the right styling.

If the skirt goes almost to the ankles, then you should rather do without high heels, they could quickly look a bit dusty. Flat ballerinas or the currently very trendy loafers look much nicer with them.

To bring the waist into focus, you can also wear a short blazer or a slim jacket in a cropped style. The belt of the midi skirt can be nice and eye-catching.

Good variants are, for example, models with animal print or in intense color for a strong contrast. If you don't like it so flashy, you can also choose a belt in the colors of the clothes.

Narrow midi skirts in the style of the 70s

Narrow midi skirts

But this summer, we are not only wearing models that swing widely, but also very tight-fitting ones, as they were in the 70s. No matter which variant you choose, the most important thing is to emphasize the waist, ideally with a belt.

If the skirt is very narrow and stretchy, then oversized sweaters look great with it. But also emphasize the waist again, the top is best tucked casually into the waistband.

High heels are a must, they stretch the legs optically. You can also combine a trench coat with a midi skirt, preferably in a very contrasting color. However, only tall women should choose this combination, because it visually compresses the figure a bit.

Turtleneck sweaters and shirt blouses are also ideal as tops for the layered look in the style of the 70s, often in combination with a fur vest. However, always think about the emphasis on the waist to look bulky and bulky. Here, too, high heels, ankle boots, or ankle boots go perfectly.

An important rule when wearing midi skirts is: Tight tops with a wide skirt and wide tops with a narrow skirt!