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Animal Print: Fashion trends you love and never go out of style

Fashion animal print trends

Today we are going to talk about Animal Print print. Inevitable right?

Timeless, the trend became known mainly because of the leopard print, which has become so dear that we can see it in any season.

We will point out good reasons, explain why to use the famous animal print and how to combine this trend in your looks.

Come on?

Powerful print

ِPants Animal Print

The fact is: through the way we dress, we express our emotions and feelings. This message we deliver to the world says a lot about our personality.

But far beyond expressing our style to the world, the choice of colors, shapes, and textures also influence our emotional state.

So, does this mean that an animal print can influence me emotionally? Rest assured, it influences a lot!

The emotional meaning of Animal Print prints

Animal Print

All prints with animal prints bring some meaning. We will point out the vibrations of the most used prints and what they symbolize:

Leopard print

Feel empowered! Use the jaguar print, whose image is linked to determination, strength, agility, and the power to face fears.

Zebra print

You are the only one! The zebra print reveals its uniqueness. The zebra brings vibrations from an especially unique and individual being.

Snake print

Be the change! The snake symbolizes wisdom, healing, transformation, regeneration, and sensuality.

Leopard Print

Have focus! The leopard brings focus and speed to the realization of our dreams.

This explains why the Animal Print trend is always on the rise and why women with strong personalities and full of attitude have so much passion for this type of print.

For those who have never used it, it's worth rethinking and investing - at least one piece with animal print is nice to have in your closet.

The animal print trend in 2022

Dress Animal Print

Each season the print gains new colors and patterns.

In 2022, for sure, you will see many colorful shop windows with a print from head to toe. Don't be surprised! This is the big bet of several stylists.

Whether at work, at the beach, at training, on a walk, or at a club, Animal Print will roll!

Check it out:

Animal print for the most creative

Midi Dress Animal Prints

Tom Ford invested in an 80's style with shades of red, purple, and neon yellow to create his looks.

This tip goes to those who wear the creative style, don't be afraid to make mistakes.

Choose very clean modeling and invest in the total Animal print look - blazer, pants, and accessories with the same print.

For the most classic

Classics Animal Print

For those who wear the traditional style, when composing the look, use only one of the pieces with the print.

Be it a blazer, shirt, blouse, or t-shirt, it can match skirts, pants, and shorts.

Escape from the ordinary. The Animal Print print helps to enhance the look, making it more modern.

Animal print for the most sporty ones

Sporty Style Animal Print

Those who wear the sporty style can also count on Animal Print prints and put together an elegant look!

How about jogging pants or a bomber jacket with the print of your favorite animal?!

The production is super modern and full of joviality, not to mention that it can be used with sneakers during the day and with heels at night.