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Sunglasses: Discover the ideal model for your face shape!

Discover the ideal  sunglasses model for your face shape!

When choosing your accessories, sunglasses models, earrings, necklaces, among others, it is necessary to think not only about the beauty of the piece, but also if it has to do with our style and if it values ​​us.

When the accessory we wear is on the face or in an area very close to it, this becomes even more important.

Each face shape has its own characteristics that are highlighted and favored in different ways. What values ​​your friend, for example, may not look so good on you.

Every year new models of sunglasses appear, or old versions are reinvented. Many options make many women get lost, not knowing which one is best for them.

With that in mind, we've separated some tips for you to have no more doubts when buying a new pair of glasses!

Round face sunglasses

Round face sunglasses

A round face is one that has few angles and rounded features with a small chin.

The contour of the face is usually quite rounded. It tends to convey a childlike image.

Anyone who has this type of face should avoid circular lenses. Instead, opt for slightly angled and face-width frames.

Also, avoid clear and mirrored sun lenses.

Sunglasses for the triangular face

Sunglasses for the triangular face

The Triangle face, on the other hand, has a jaw wider than the forehead. Also known as pear face.

To enhance this type of face, the trick is to invest in frames that are similar in width to the jaw or even larger.

Kitty-style glasses are great as they draw attention to the top of the face.

The ideal model of glasses for the square face

glasses for the square face

Another type of face that is favored by upward-pointing glasses is the square face.

Because they have a sharp jaw and lower jaw curve, perfect frames are longer than wide and point upwards.

In this way, they take the attention away from the lower part of the face and soften the face.

Hexagonal and Oval face glasses models

Hexagonal - Oval face glasses models

The hexagonal face and the oval face are among the most proportional of all.

That's why they look good with most glasses. The oval face does not have a very broad forehead, an arched hairline, and slightly rounded cheekbones and chin.

On the other hand, the hexagonal face is the typical face of models, with many angles. The hairline has a trapezoid shape, the temples are deep, and the cheekbones are more pronounced than the oval face.

If this is your shape, look for geometric or oval models with frames that are the same width or larger than your face.

The inverted triangle face shape

Sunglasses for the inverted triangle face shape

For women who have a forehead wider than the jaw, the face shape probably fits the inverted triangle face.

The cheekbones are prominent, the chin is usually slightly pointed, and the jaws do not show.

Prefer narrower frames or that at most are the same size as the face. Models must have the bottom pointing outward or wider. Avoid glasses with heavy frames.

The perfect glasses for the diamond face

glasses for the diamond face

The Diamond face is very close to the inverted triangle face.

The cheekbones are just as prominent, but the forehead isn't as wide, and the chin isn't too pointed.

The frames chosen cannot create much volume in the area of ​​the cheekbones. It is important to choose models that are wider above the cheek and smaller in line with them for this. The highlight should be at the top of the frame.