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Which glasses go with my hairstyle?


Most women use their glasses as a visual aid and as a fashion accessory that goes perfectly with their clothing. In particular, the frame can be ordered in the personal favorite color that one wears most often. If you have several glasses, you can choose to match your outfit.

The glasses are usually matched to the shape of the face. However, the hairstyle is usually disregarded. But this aspect should not be neglected, because the hairstyle also plays an important role.

You can try out glasses on the simulator online


Above all, a woman's hair should emphasize her facial features and provide the right frame for glasses. That's why I'm going to tell you today what you should look out for when buying your next visual aid so that it not only matches your styling, but also your hairstyle.

You can then use the free 3D simulator to test directly (if you have a webcam, alternatively a photo is also possible) which model best underlines your individual type.

If you find glasses that you like, you can have them delivered straight to your home and put them on again in front of the mirror. If you don't like it after all, you can simply send it back and thus have no financial risk.

From short to long: what type of hairstyle are you?


Short hair:

If you wear your hair particularly short, you are one of those lucky women who can use a lot of leeway with regard to their glasses.

So feel free to experiment and try out different models - colorful and eye-catching plastic glasses match your face with full rims as well as discreet metal frames.

Long hair:

If you like your hair open and also have a long mane, you shouldn't be too aggressive when buying glasses. The frame that the hair forms around your face make subtle models look much better.

Rimless frames, narrow frames, or even restrained metal frames are the best choice here.

Medium-length hair:

If you have a hairstyle in between, i.e. chin-length or shoulder-length hair, then particularly narrow glasses or subtle models will suit your face.

In this case, rimless glasses also go particularly well with your type, because they do not weigh too much and make your face appear softer than frames with thick frames.

A pony:

Regardless of whether you have long or short hair, there is not much space left on your face for the glasses if you wear short bangs with them.

So that your face does not look too cluttered, I advise against a conspicuous frame with a thick frame. Unless the glasses are made in a lighter shade, larger glasses are also acceptable.