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Skincare: everything you need to know

Skincare everything you need to know

Attention, makeup lovers! In this post, we are going to talk about a very important subject which is skin care. To ensure that the production result is always impeccable, it is necessary to pay attention to the preparation.

So, let's talk a little more about the importance and how to establish a skincare routine to keep your skin always well nourished and looking healthy. Here, you'll find everything you need to know, as well as tips and guidelines for creating your personal care schedule.

Do you know what skincare is and how to do it?


You've probably heard a lot about this, but it's important to know what it really means. So let's get down to business, and first of all, we need to say that we are referring to skin care.

Paying full attention to the skin is essential to keep it healthy and ensure the best result at the time of production. Let's remember one important thing: even though washing your face and using sunscreen daily are super important concerns, it is necessary to go further.

Everyone has a certain routine for various daily activities, and this must also be established for skincare, which must be done daily. Of course, changes can be made to your care routine, especially to keep up with the different seasons of the year, as with each climate change, the skin can present new needs.

What products should I use?


If you are one of us and have a case full of different products, we need to talk about some that cannot be left out! Makeup lovers live not only with foundation, lipstick, eyeshadow, and illuminator.

There are other items that are super important and need to be increasingly present among your choices. Skincare products cannot be left out when it comes to renewing your makeup.

Let's list four indispensable products that if you don't know, you need to know as soon as possible!

1: Moisturizers – Moisturizing is essential for the skin, and it is a good option to spend in the morning before applying the makeup.

2: Make-up Removers – Having a Makeup Remover Lotion always at hand is the rule here. In addition, for the most sensitive area of ​​the face, opt for Eye Cleanser – Eye Makeup Remover.

3: Serum and primer – For skin preparation before makeup, these two items are the key to success, as they are complementary, they appear together in our list. Trust us, our skincare tips wouldn't be the same without them!

The order here is simple, first comes the primer and then the serum. The makeup effect will be even more enhanced, and the skin will remain healthy.

4: Facial Tonic – If even with makeup for several hours you are looking for a very firm and oxygenated skin, this is the product you need. It is able to hydrate and soothe the skin, avoiding those irritations and redness that can appear at the end of the day.

A practical care routine for your daily life

skin care

If you are wondering how to do skincare in an efficient way that will bring good results for your personal care, we will help you! Before that, let's remember that each type of skin, whether dry, oily, or mixed, will ask for some suitable products for each one.

But, despite this, it is possible to follow some essential and practical tips in your daily life, which apply to all skin types. There are five steps that we will tell you now so you can start taking care of yourself today!

Step 1: Start the day by sanitizing your skin

sanitizing skin

Once you wake up, it's time to start your skincare routine. Apply micellar water to a cotton pad and clean your face to remove any residue such as natural sebum produced overnight. Right after leaving the skin very clean, it's time for sunscreen, and don't forget any corner, including the neck and cleavage.

IMPORTANT: The protector must be used even if you are going to spend the whole day at home or if the weather is cloudy and without sun. Natural light, reflected from windows and even artificial lighting, can damage your skin, so protect yourself!

Step 2: The face needs to be moisturized twice a day

face moisturized

Hydration is an important step in skincare! Many people may imagine that oily skin does not need to be moisturized, but this is a myth, every skin type needs this care.

So it's worth using a facial emulsion to keep your skin healthy. And don't stop there, because, during the day, it is also important to reinforce this hydration, and even with makeup, you need to use a hydrating spray to maintain the vitality of the skin.

Step 3: Make the serum a great ally

serum makeup

Cleaned, protected, and hydrated? It's time for the serum, which comes before makeup and helps to revitalize cells. In addition to having moisturizing properties, it helps to replenish nutrients and makes the make up even better, ensuring extra fixation.

Step 4: Before bed, it is essential to clean your face

clean face

The day is over, and it's time for bed, but first, you need to clean your skin. This is one of the most important steps in your routine and cannot be forgotten.

It is essential to remove all makeup residue from the face. For this, look for products indicated for your skin type, having a makeup remover for the whole face and a specific one for the eye region, which is more sensitive.

Step 5: Finish with relaxing gel

relaxing gel

To close your skin care, bet on a refreshing gel to relax the dermis. This product is a wild card and can be applied right after a shower and will provide healing of lesions, in addition to calming pores after a busy day.