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Skincare: basic products for you

Skincare basic products for you

It's no longer a secret that a skincare routine is essential for both aesthetics and dermatological health, right? After all, it is thanks to small day-to-day treatments that we can see long-term results, avoid blemishes, and prevent premature aging. Therefore, we have prepared a guide with essential skincare products in all seasons, as well as giving tips on how to use them.

We've talked several times here on the blog about the importance of using only quality cosmetics produced by trusted brands. A good choice avoids wasteful spending on products that will not have the promised effects, and that can still put your skin at risk.

4 skincare products that are indispensable

skincare products

There are many skin care products that can and should be used every day, like sunscreen, for example. In addition to it, the beauty market offers four categories of basic use that should be present in your routine, regardless of the season. Check out the must-haves for an at-home skincare ritual.

Makeup removers

Makeup removers

Removing all the makeup after a long day with it on the skin is essential. Therefore, the makeup remover cannot be missing.

This skincare product can be found in different versions, such as the two-phase makeup remover –ideal for mixed and dry skins– and the Extreme Cleanser, indicated to remove waterproof and highly pigmented makeup.

For those who need an even more practical option to carry in their purse and remove their makeup between appointments, makeup remover wipes can be an even better choice. It also deeply cleanses pores and removes impurities without drying out your skin.


Skin care - Moisturizers

Moisturizing your skin is another step that cannot be neglected. They are great for use in the morning and before going on to makeup. In addition, the recommendation is that you use different lotions throughout the day according to your skin's needs.

As the makeup can cause a slight dryness over the hours, a spray moisturize is essential to recover the dermis's natural moisture without harming its production.



Toning the skin is essential for those who want to keep it firm and oxygenated, even after hours under the layers of makeup. The Tonic helps moisturize and soothe, preventing irritation and redness that usually arise in the day.

If you suffer from oily skin and are wary of using tonics and other skincare products that have an oily texture, the astringent version has what it takes to be your best friend. This cosmetic not only reduces the shiny appearance of oils but also balances the PH of the skin when used daily. In other words, you can achieve a drier, toned, and firmer face with just one item.

Serum and primer

Serum - primer

Serum and primer are two products that must go hand in hand in preparing the skin before receiving makeup. The primer with lifting effect smooths fine lines, large pores, and wrinkles, or other unwanted little marks. The Serum — which must be applied after the primer — is 4 in 1, it revitalizes the skin, hides the spots and signs of age, and gives an up on the pigmentation of the eyeshadows.