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Crop Top: This is how you combine the fashion trend correctly

Crop Top - fashion trend

What in the 1990s was still very functional and straightforward as a "crop top" is now being hyped as the so-called crop top and is totally in again.

So it's actually true: sooner or later, every fashion trend celebrates its comeback. Also, the so-called crop tops. What is meant are partly tight and partly wide cut, short shirts that sometimes show more, sometimes less, sometimes no belly at all. Without a doubt - this fashion trend polarizes and does not only find sympathizers. And then there would also be the problem that not everyone who dares to wear a crop top knows how to combine it correctly.

Choosing the right crop top

Crop top

The biggest danger with the crop top is that your outfit quickly looks cheap and not particularly stylish. To avoid this fashion fiasco, you should consider a few things when choosing the right crop top. The most important selection criterion is the material. The crop top trend has nothing to do with the girly airs and freaky taste aberrations of the mid 90s, but stands for extravagant and stylish looks. Therefore, at best, choose a high-quality top that retains its original fit even after being washed several times and does not compromise the colors' luminosity.


The elegance of fabrics is further emphasized by high-quality accessories. With statement chains in different styles (for example boho, 80s, and vintage), you can give a simple crop top many different expressions and put it in the limelight again and again.

In order to try out as many possible combinations, you should first choose a crop top that is as simple as possible in a neutral color. You can then upgrade this like other basic with different key pieces and style it in different fashion styles.

How do I combine a crop top correctly?

white crop top

In general, there are three different ways to combine a crop top for everyday use:

  1. with high waist pants or a high waist skirt
  2. with a long top or a long blouse
  3. with dungarees or a dungarees

How to best combine a crop top and these three options is explained in more detail below.

Crop top meets high waist

Crop top - high waist

The big and all-important advantage of combination option number 1 is that you can wear crop tops even as a curvy woman and also put your figure in the limelight. How does it work? Very easily:

High waist trousers and skirts naturally extend over a large part of the stomach and ideally hide this problem area (keyword: pushing away the cushions). A thin strip of bare skin becomes visible in combination with a crop top - precisely at the narrowest part of your upper body: your waist. This division creates a kind of optical illusion and makes you look even slimmer.

Tips for high waist styling

     High waist always means that the belly button is not visible

     High waist is suitable for almost every figure type and can also be worn by curvy women

     Beginners combine a high waist part with a loose crop top

     if you dare, you can also combine tight tops later

     If the crop top reaches over the waistband of the trousers or skirt for small women, just partially (never completely!)

Crop top meets layering look

Black crop top

If you don't (yet) dare to go for this combination despite the concealing effect of high waist pieces, then maybe the mix with a long blouse or a long top is something for you. Crop tops with longer sleeves, which are almost reminiscent of sweaters (the term "top" should not be understood as narrowly in this trend), are particularly suitable for this combination. Due to the short length of the crop top, there is enough space for the part underneath to flash out effectively. The resulting layering look is cool and creates interesting contrasts and additional options such as the mix of materials or patterns.

The look is rounded off with normal-cut trousers, for example skinny or boyfriend jeans or a skirt. High waist is not suitable in this case, as the high cut is not compatible with the layers above.

Layering styling tips

     Crop tops are a perfect basis for an exciting layered look

     Other suitable bases are long tops, blouses, cardigans, skirts, shorts, (over-the-knee) boots, and statement chains

     Small and/or curvy women need to be careful as the layering look is upsetting

     High shoes visually stretch and add length to the look

     In case of doubt, it is better to forego a layer if the outfit looks too excited

Crop top meets bib

Crop top

Like the crop top, dungarees and skirts are a fashion trend from the 90s that is currently gaining a lot of fans. So it's no wonder that both pieces of clothing harmonize so well with each other. If you combine your crop top with dungarees (or shorts in summer), the result is an interesting and unusual style. That the upper part is shorter than normal can only be seen from the side. This combination is particularly suitable if you want to show a little skin, but still want to be "dressed" at the same time.