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Tips for Timeless Carnival Makeup

Tips for Timeless Carnival Makeup

Carnival asks for colors, gemstones, and glitters, which guarantees fun right from the moment of preparing the makeup. And although we know that everything can be done on these occasions, there are doubts about combining all the elements and leaving the look glamorous, flashy, and really beautiful, avoiding exaggerations and visual pollution.

How to do this? The answer is easy: using product overlays and shades, in addition to following our tricks so you can jump for hours without melting or smudging your makeup for Carnival. Want to know what the secrets are? So, make way for reading this manual!

4 makeup tips for Carnival any time of the year

Perfect skin lightening

Perfect skin lightening

Makeup for Carnival asks for a lot of shine. Therefore, the illumination on the skin cannot be lacking. However, when we talk about preparing the skin for more artistic and festive productions, some care must be taken so that the products do not run or smudge while you are enjoying the fun.

To increase durability, clean the face, moisturize and tone it. Then, to control oiliness, close pores, cover expression lines, and set the makeup for Carnival well, apply a primer with a lifting effect all over the face.

Once this step is completed, it's time to start shining. Apply an illuminator along with the foundation, and do not discard the bronzing powder, which will bring all the joy that a makeup for Carnival deserves. Bronzer should be deposited mainly on the cheeks, temples, and cleavage with the aid of a thick brush with soft bristles.

To finish with a golden key, carry a spray mist in your bag, so you can spray it during the party, keeping the brightness and the impeccable appearance even after hours.

Create glowing eyes

Glowing eyes

Glitter is essential in makeup for Carnival. The tip is to use it on the eyelids, applying it alone or combined with eyeshadows. When choosing the pigment, bet on versions of fine powder for a more professional finish.

Also, know that you can and should abuse glitter on your cheeks, sides of your face, on your temples, and on your lap. The rule is to be shiny!

The only advice from professional makeup artists is: keep the color harmony for a more pleasant result, ok? You don't need to match the shine with the look you choose, but both should be in tune. In other words, if you use warm colors in the costume or costumes — such as red, yellow, orange, and gold — the make must be elaborated following this palette.

Don't forget to use special glue, so you don't lose the shine before arriving at the event, huh? And no risking your dermatological health with glitter and stationery glue. The specific glitter of makeup brands does not cause allergies, and it should be on your face, agreed?

To finish off the Carnival makeup on the eye area, apply a waterproof mask with a voluminous effect. If you want to stand out even more, put fake eyelashes in neon or with gemstones.

Do not dismiss the colored eyelids

Colored eyelids

If you prefer to leave the glitter of your makeup for Carnival only on the temples, over the eyebrows, and in the region of the busts and shoulders, that's fine. How about, instead of gleaming eyes, throw yourself into a super extravagant and glamorous gradient? We love and support the idea!

First, know that the colored eyeshadows need to harmonize with the clothes, as we already talked about, and you can play with up to 4 shades, building the smokey and the mix of tones by pulling to the sides.

For this production, use the brush to apply the eyeshadow, and don't forget the fixative. The experts' tip is to moisten the accessory before putting it in contact with the eyeshadow, so that it can absorb more of the product and deposit it on the eyelids with the desired intensity and without flaws.

The creation of the gradient starts with the lightest shade, lightening below the eyebrows and the inner corners of the eyes. Then form a semicircle, darkening the tones and making the transition more intense. For the lower outer part of the eyelid, make a nice smokey and finish with false eyelashes.

Highlight the mouth

Highlight the mouth

In makeup for Carnival, the habit is always to opt for dark and sober lipsticks, showing more skin and eyes, which are usually very bright and cheerful. If you don't do without the red lips, the wine tone is perfect and matches any production. If you opted for opaque eyeshadows, you are free to fearlessly throw yourself into a high fixation gloss to accentuate your smile.

However, colored lipsticks can be used, but keep your makeup balanced. An orange hue on the lips can match golden eyelids. Pink and purple also harmonize very well. If the eyes have silver glitter, it's the pink that becomes the best choice in the mouth.