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Hoop Earring: How to Wear the Perfect Model for Your Face and Style

Hoop Earring - How to Wear the Perfect Model for Your Face and Style

The hoop earring that was the face of the 2000s is booming in fashion shows and many celebrities' looks.

And it was with this in mind, we separated some tips for you to discover which version of the accessory enhances your face and which has more to do with your style. Come with us to find out!

Style Test

Style Test Earring - black skinned woman

Before you start reading, how about taking our Style Quiz and finding out more about your clothing preferences? You will understand what is your predominant style and your secondary style.

Hoop earring

Hoop earring - black skinned woman

The faces that most harmonize with hoop earrings are Oval, Hexagonal, Long, Inverted Triangle, Diamond, and Round depending on the hoop model.

Hoop earring with pendant

The Oval face is the most proportional of all, so it tends to go well with any type of accessory as long as the piece is proportional to the size of the face.

So, if this is your shape, don't be afraid when choosing your pair of earrings and take the opportunity to play in models beyond the traditional thin ring.

The hoop earring with a pendant is super hot and will add extra charm to your productions.

Medium hoop earring

Medium hoop earring - smiling woman

The Hexagonal face is known as the model's face, it has sharp angles that demonstrate a lot of expressiveness in photos and on the catwalks of fashion shows.

Like the Oval face, most accessories are easily enhanced, especially if they are proportionate to the face. To make no mistake, bet on medium-sized rounded rings!

Hoop earring with stones

The Long face, as its name says, is more elongated than the others, having a length approximately 1/3 greater than its width.

Those who have this facial shape can enhance it with accessories that are wider than they are long, such as wide rings worked with different and voluminous details such as gemstones.

Hoop earring with ball

Like the long face, the Inverted Triangle and Diamond facial shapes are also enhanced by larger hoop models that create volume in the lower part of the face.

This is because these two types of faces have a forehead that is wider than the jaw. Therefore, by drawing attention to the smaller area of ​​the face, the face becomes more harmonious and balanced.

The whole ball ring is super high and is a sure bet for your looks! The model with a ball as a pendant is also the face of women with more daring styles like those of Dramatic Urban style!

Heart hoop earring

The Redondo face, in turn, conveys a more childlike image as it is rounded, has few angles, and a small chin.

That's why those who have this type of face can bet on long and angular rings to create an illusion of a more elongated shape.

Heart hoops or star-shaped earrings are bold options that round-faced women can wear.

Small hoop earring

Small hoop earring - smiling woman

The use of the ring is not recommended for women who have a face with a wide jaw or wider than the forehead.

Women with Square faces and Triangle faces should be avoided, as the accessory tends to emphasize the lower part of the face.

If your face is square or triangle and you still feel like wearing a hoop, invest in the smaller models that are closer to your ear, they are unlikely to bring out the lower part of your face.

If you use several small rings simultaneously, you will still be able to create a super different effect for your look without creating an exaggerated volume for the jaw region.

Giant hoop earring

The maxi model is super fashionable, and fashionistas love it! But the giant hoop should be used with caution by those women who have the most delicate and small faces.

This model will harmonize better with women who have a bigger face, bigger features, and a bigger body structure.

Large hoop earring

If you're keen to bet on a bigger ring and have a small or medium-sized face, go for the large ring over the maxi-sized one.

It will also enhance your look without attracting more attention than you!

Gold hoop earring

Gold hoop earring

The gold hoop model is perfect for more classically styled women who want to wear this earring.

Those who have the Traditional style or the refined style will probably prefer the hoop in this tone. In medium and small sizes, it is classic and timeless.