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Fashion trends: blue is the new black

Fashion trends blue is the new black

Black is and will remain the eternal classic in the world of fashion, but another colour is currently pushing its way into the foreground. Blue is also a very versatile colour that can be worn with almost anything and is extremely elegant.

The blue miracle

Fashion blue

Blue is probably also such a popular colour because it has some positive qualities associated with it. It should not only promote and strengthen the good in us, it also stands for cheerfulness, trust, reliability and cheerfulness.

As early as the Middle Ages, blue was considered a "royal colour", and Louis IX had many elegant dresses tailored in blue in France. Many other aristocrats quickly took a liking to such garments to soon become fashionable among the higher classes.

King Arthur also took a liking to it, so it is not surprising that Duchess Kate also wore a dress in noble royal blue on her engagement photo with Prince William.

Find the right shade of blue

Fashion blue is the new black

The selection of shades of blue is huge, and the individual nuances can have very different effects. Luminous tones can be very electrifying and attractive, while darker blue looks very luxurious and elegant.

Since dark blue also exudes authority, certain professional groups also rely on it, such as statesmen, the police or the navy. Blue goes with almost all colours, although the dark blue can be combined with almost everything, so it is a good alternative to black and does not look quite as harsh.

Green can also look very attractive in combination with blue, but you have to pay attention to sufficient contrast. Light green and blue look too bright together, but navy blue goes very well with light green. Luminous cobalt blue can be wonderfully combined with a dark bottle green.


Blue for every type

Fashion trends blue is the new black

There is hardly a woman who cannot wear blue at all; it just depends on the right shade of blue. If the skin has a yellowish, golden undertone, light navy blue or blue-green aquamarine, in particular, harmonize well with it.

Blue-green works best with smooth, shiny fabrics, because only then does the color really shine. If the skin type is rather cool, it is best to go for grey-blue, darker navy blue or denim blue. On the other hand, warm colour types look very good with shades of blue with a red cast, for example, in the direction of plum, or petrol.

Even if a certain shade of blue doesn't suit you, you don't have to do without it entirely. It is then only important that you don't wear this blue directly on your face, as trousers or a skirt are no problem.

Silver jewellery goes best with cool shades of blue, gold actually goes with all shades of blue. Metallic effects are very important with the accessories, because that's how the blue really comes into its own.