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Trendy styling even without model dimensions

Short jeans

Unfortunately, not every woman can be blessed with model measurements, and many do not dare to wear the current fashion trends. But if you pay attention to a few important points, then you can join almost every fashion trend with a female figure.

Almost every woman knows problem areas, and sometimes even with a lot of discipline and goodwill they cannot be removed. Today we're giving you a few styling tips so that you too can access the latest fashion trends.

Skilfully conceal your stomach and waist

Short pants

If your problem areas are mainly on the stomach and waist, but you still have nice legs, then you can even wear trendy shorts. The only important thing then is that you optically distract from the stomach.

Therefore, choose a striking top for simple shorts, either in bold colors, unusual patterns, or glittering elements. Of course, the top should cover the stomach and hips and not be tight.

You can also use accessories such as XXL jewelry or a hat to distract attention from your problem areas in the middle of your body. Shoes with a higher heel also create beautiful legs.

When it comes to shorts, you choose models that sit loosely on the hips, for example, in the trendy cargo style. Shorts with an elastic waistband are also ideal, you can also find the optimal size in an XXL size table.

You can also wear skirts very well if you have pads in the middle of your body. The trendy maxi skirts are best, but you can also wear narrow denim skirts if your legs are not stocky.

If you decide on a skirt, then also pay attention to a more conspicuous top, a few accessories, and higher shoes, this will stretch a bit visually. When it comes to dresses, you should distance yourself from the color blocking trend and choose a plain dress.

Optimal fashion for women with broad hips and thicker thighs

Deeper V-shaped necklines - cargo pants

If your figure is more of a pear shape, i.e. a narrow, slender upper body, but also strong thighs and wider hips, then you should choose shorts a bit longer, i.e. more a Bermuda.

They shouldn't be too tight, so the trendy cargo pants are ideal for you. In order to balance the proportions, the top can then be a little more voluminous.

It shouldn't be too tight, because this emphasizes your narrow upper body, and your hips and thighs appear wider. Rely on casual-fitting tops with eye-catching patterns or colors, also with appliqués or flounces.

Even with this figure, you don't have to go without dresses and skirts. Here, too, knee-length dresses in A-line are best, drawing attention to your slim upper body. For skirts, prefer dark colors and slightly flared models, skirts and dresses in the style of the 50s are very trendy at the moment.

If you are quite small, you can achieve a slight optical stretch with the best clothing. For dresses, you should rather go for shorter models, here the empire cut is especially ideal.

Deeper V-shaped necklines also have a stretching effect, and a sexy bustier dress looks very good on you when you are small, for example, a classic model by Max Mara. Skirts should also reach no more than the knee, if you have beautiful legs, you look adorable in the mini.

When it comes to shorts, you can also choose the tighter models; bermudas are not really for small women. Emphasize your figure and, above all, show your legs, this visually stretches, the high heels are then the icing on the cake.

It gets a little more difficult with fashionable styling if you are all chubby, but a few tricks can help here too. You are particularly flattered by knee-covering dresses with a stretchy V-neckline and slight ruffles at the hips.

The dresses shouldn't be too short, the trendy maxi dresses are ideal for you. It is best to choose dark shades, with figure-shaping underwear, you can also cheat away a few pounds.

When it comes to skirts, you should also prefer long models; tiered skirts combined with a slightly tailored blazer are well suited. If you prefer knee-length skirts, make sure they have a straight cut and a loose fit.

So that nothing cuts in or constricts, skirts with a stretchable waistband are particularly suitable for you. If you don't have thick calves, then you can also wear Bermuda shorts, choose a top that covers your bottom, and always choose muted colors and shapes.

Blouses and tunics are ideal when it comes to concealing little pillows. They play around the stomach and hips, which is extremely beneficial for a female figure. There are beautiful models in the shop for fashion in plus sizes.