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Trendy accessories for spring/summer 2021

Trendy accessories for spring-summer 2021


Accessories are like the icing on the cake because they give the outfit the finishing touch. With the right accessories, you can give the outfit a completely different character, so that a sporty outfit with opulent costume jewellery can also look beautifully elegant.

For many fashionistas, the outfit is only perfect with the right accessories. So today, we want to take a look at the accessory trends for spring/summer 2021 so that you are well prepared for the coming season.

The bag trends 2021

The bag trends 2021

The handbag is a constant companion for many women, not only for storing wallets and make-up utensils, but also as an important accessory. This season, the main focus is on the clutch, i.e. a handbag without a shoulder strap.

Up until now, a small clutch was mainly worn with an elegant dress in the evening, but in 2021 you will see these bags in larger versions in everyday life. These large clutches are particularly fascinating in bright colors, earth tones or with a mix of different materials.

But not only the clutch is one of the bag trends 2021, but also the good old tote bag. It is a real classic and offers enough space, and can also be worn in the evening as well as in everyday life.

There is another very special trend for bags, namely the snakeskin look. While animal prints were still used last year, in 2021, you will be wearing a clutch or a shopper in a snakeskin design.

The bag trends for 2021 are very diverse, basically whatever you like can be worn, because there is no clear trend. Whether simple or eye-catching bags, it's all a question of personal taste.

Bright colours are also popular with accessories

Bright colours are also popular with accessories

In the past year, so-called colour blocking was considered a trend in clothing; in 2021, bright colours will also be used in accessories. This summer, you can see handbags, belts or bracelets in strong orange, pink, green or blue.

If you like it flashy, you can wear accessories in bright colours with an outfit in intense colours. On the other hand, a black outfit can also be spiced up with accessories in bright pink or orange.

Scarves and shawls with a paisley pattern

Scarves and shawls with a paisley pattern

The paisley pattern has long been considered old-fashioned and conservative, but in 2021 it will also celebrate a major revival with accessories. This pattern originally comes from India, but Queen Victoria brought it to Europe in the 19th century.

The teardrop-shaped pattern can be found this year, mainly on shawls and scarves. Such a paisley scarf can be worn not only as a scarf, but also wonderfully as a pareo, as a belt or as a headscarf.

Jewellery and watches trends 2021

Jewellery and watches trends 2021

When it comes to watches, the main focus in 2021 is on classic models, because these can be worn with any outfit and any occasion. Jewellery dealers offer many women's watches in the trendy colours of white and black.

You can currently see a lot of watches in vintage style or in bright, bright colours. Another trend is antique luxury watches, which of course, you can't just buy in stores. If you are interested in such treasures, then a visit to antique markets or pawn shops is worthwhile.

You can also get hold of older luxury watches on the Internet, but you shouldn't think that they are very cheap because of their age. The stronger sex has meanwhile also become more fashion-conscious and also like to wear accessories.

Experience has shown that jewellery is based on delicate pastel tones and more on silver than gold. But also natural colours can often be seen in jewellery this year.