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Women's Clothing: 8 pieces you can't miss in your wardrobe!

Women's clothing

Women's clothing should emphasize comfort and versatility in the routine. Therefore, the ideal is to keep your closet full of pieces that allow a variety of combinations and can be used on different occasions. With that in mind, we have brought together 8 elegant models that are essential for your daily life.

Bet on basic blouses!


The basics are always welcome in the women's wardrobe! After all, a good plain shirt goes with everything. Therefore, the ideal is to bet on monochromatic pieces and wear them with jeans or dress pants. In addition, you can also complete the look with a blazer and accessories.

The production made with "wildcards" from your wardrobe is ideal for professional and relaxed environments. That's because, for moments of leisure, you can pair the basic women's blouse with denim shorts and skirts.

Always have jeans in the closet!


Another piece of clothing that cannot be missing from your closet: jeans can transform a look and make it much more elegant. After all, you can find it in different variations, with models like skinny or mom, low or flare, among other options. Not to mention light or dark wash models.

After choosing the right women's jeans to compose the production, you can bet on accessories and blouse combinations to give a personal touch to the look. That way, you can be ready for any occasion of the day.

Dresses can't be missing!

Dresses  - Wardrobe

Super versatile and comfortable, the dress is an essential piece among women's clothing. It moves between professional appointments or "happy hour", in addition to bringing elegance and sophistication to the look. In addition, a good basic dress can be the solution for warmer days, offering comfort to face the day's occasions.

To complete, the piece can also be used to highlight your curves and offer more freedom during the routine.

Get away from the obvious with a good blazer!

Women's clothing - Blazer

Among fashionistas' favourite stylish women's clothing, the blazer is versatile and comfortable. Those who think that the piece is only suitable for winter are wrong, in fact, it is also good for days with mild temperatures and even for air-conditioned environments.

So always keep a good women's blazer in your closet! It helps to complement the look and make it more elegant, without losing the diversity of the production. That's because the piece combines with formal and relaxed environments in the same proportion.

Skirts are indispensable women's clothing!

Women's clothing - Skirts

There are countless combinations you can assemble with the skirts! Hence, it is among the essential pieces of clothing in the women's wardrobe. Choose a versatile and comfortable model, ideal for any day-to-day occasion.

To top it off, you can buy midi skirts, long, pleated, straight, evase, with ruffles, plain, printed and many other variations that do not go out of style. In winter, for example, you can combine the garment with pantyhose and rock the production without getting cold.

Invest in the leather jacket for the look!

Leather jacket

Passionate for fashionistas, the leather jacket is among the versatile and comfortable pieces. In addition to matching looks of all seasons, it allows you to play with accessories in production, whether to enjoy parties at night or formal commitments.

If your style matches a more rocker grip, for example, you can invest in choker necklaces, low boots and cross bags.

Keep scarves as essential accessories!

Women's clothing - Accessories

It can be a good bet to invest in scarves as a way to complete the look. The pieces offer up-to-date women's clothing and can be used any season of the year. Besides, of course, they leave the production with a unique and stylish charm.

Finish production with fashionista bags!


To complete the look, invest in everyday women's bags. The accessory suits all occasions and is timeless. Choose neutral pieces to use with different looks and create stunni
ng combinations.