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Winter wardrobe: check out 5 tips to get organized

Winter wardrobe

An winter wardrobe can make your routine a lot easier when choosing the look, you know? So, now that the season has started, check out some tips that we have prepared in the following article!

Where to start tidying the wardrobe?


New season, new look! This doesn't necessarily mean you need new items – although a wardrobe makeover is a delight. The point is that, especially in the transition from summer to winter , changes in the weather make us use a few more items.

Meanwhile, others, fresher, end up falling into disuse. Still, it's normal to accumulate clothes throughout the year that, in the end, we don't even use that much. However, in addition to occupying a lot of space, the items also end up making it difficult to choose when dressing.

Explore your wardrobe


The first step in tidying the wardrobe is also the most important. So, take some time just for that. Right now, it's time to check out all the pieces that are in your closet. Are they still good? In need of repair? Are they serving? Are they related to your current style?

From there, it is possible to separate those that will be used the most and least during the fall! In addition, it also makes it easier to identify if you need to buy any fall clothes that are missing. Also, what is in good condition can be set aside for donation.

Time to clean parts

winter clothes

It's not every day that we bring everything out of the closet, right? So, take the time to wash mainly heavy items such as coats and blankets. The drier climate and late afternoon sun, characteristic of winter, are ideal for drying everything!

This cleaning helps to remove the smell of storage and leaves everything in perfect condition for when you need to use it.

It's time to organize

winter clothes - organize

Now that you can visualize everything you have and will use more or less, it's time to prepare your winter wardrobe! For this, organization is the key term.

And since we tend to wear more of what's within our sight, it's important to show what you intend to wear during this period. So, the tip is to reverse the order of the pieces!

The warmer and more versatile ones – perfect for winter's temperature changes – should be more visible. Meanwhile, summer clothes can be stored in other closet spaces that aren't used as much.

Invest in categorization

winter clothes - color clothes

The word of the time is practicality! After all, your time is very precious. Therefore, in addition to adjusting the space that clothes occupy, investing in their categorization is also a great option.

It is possible to separate clothes by occasion (work, gym, etc.), fabric, and even by colour. In this case, the most important thing is that the categories make sense to you! Then plan where each category will be in your closet.

This makes it easier to find each piece and also prevents mess from setting in!

Keeping the organization up to date

Winter wardrobe - color clothes

Prevention is always better than cure! Therefore, investing in the habit of keeping your wardrobe organized can make your routine more practical. Furthermore, standardizing these arrangements at every change of season can also save you a lot of time!