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Step by step to become a professional makeup artist

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Harmonize your face with makeup, elaborate perfectly smoky eyes, understand the right shades for each skin and know the beauty tricks to build a career in the beauty world. If this scenario enchants you, know that the profession of makeup artist has never been so high! That's why many women want to know how to become a professional in the field.

To achieve success, there are several steps to be followed, starting with direction, planning, and effort.

If you dream of serving customers by producing them, but don't know where to start, don't worry. We are always at the side of those who want to specialize in the field and, today, it has prepared a practical and very useful step by step for you to learn how to be a professional makeup artist and start in the segment on the right foot.

How to be a professional makeup artist in 7 steps

Makeup - Brush

The 7 steps for you to specialize and be an expert in makeup are:

Start with the vocational course

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This step seems obvious, but there are still people who are interested in the area who imagine that basic makeup courses, or even self-makeup, are enough to become a professional makeup artist. Wrong!

Yes, it is necessary to start with the basics. However, it is necessary, above all, to enroll in a vocational course. In addition, you should research which is the best training and give preference to schools linked to renowned makeup brands, because they really understand the subject.

It is essential to analyze whether the place has a good reputation and whether it presents a complete program, with practical and theoretical classes, good teachers, quality materials for classroom activities, and a certificate of completion. These details make all the difference for your career development and for you to have no more doubts about how to be a professional makeup artist!

Invest in quality products and materials

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This is another very important step for you who are looking for a step by step on how to be a professional makeup artist. The products you will use in the course and in customer service must be of the best quality. Otherwise, your image could be seriously compromised.

The makeup and accessories chosen need to be for professional use, as homemade items – those we have in the toilet bag – don't give a look your future customers expect.

And why buy them from the moment of classes? You need training to learn how to handle them on the skin, discover the movement and know how to apply the right pressure in the hand to do each step, from the skin to the eyes.

Always keep an eye on trends


When it comes to how to be a professional makeup artist, keeping up with the trends and updating yourself is essential. Year after year new styles, techniques, products, and materials appear, and a good expert is one who presents suggestions and modern ideas to her clientele.

To stay tuned, invest in:

     refresher and improvement courses;

     follow reliable websites, blogs, and Instagram profiles that talk about makeup;

     participate in industry events and workshops.

Show your work on social media


There is nothing better than using social networks to promote your work, as they have a wide reach and low cost for you to do your own advertising.

Create your professional profile neatly on the hottest platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook. Update them frequently, producing content in photos and videos that showcase your work. Also, publish tutorials and give tips related to makeup to become a digital reference and have your loyal following of followers, who will look for you when a special occasion arises.

Also, don't forget to make your contacts visible, such as e-mail and telephone, and answer any questions asked by those who access your profile.

Some social networks even charge small fees to automatically show their content to a large number of people interested in a particular subject, such as makeup and beauty.

Train a lot


Train and make up a lot. There are mannequins specially created and sold in the market for those who need to practice for this. Practice with friends too. They will love the experience.

Similar to other professionals, being a professional makeup artist takes practice! The more you exercise your skills, the more expertise and precision you will gain.

Understand about finance


No, you haven't left the guide on how to be a professional makeup artist and ended up in another one on the financial market. It may seem like an alien step, but to work with what you love and be able to really profit, you need to understand at least the basics of finance. This is true both for those who intend to act as self-employed people and for those who prefer to make up in beauty salons.

How can you define prices, offer discounts and payment facilities, raise funds to invest in products and specialization courses, if you don't understand this subject? Impossible, isn't it? Therefore, find out about calculations with expenses, billing, and emergency cash flow.

Partnerships are welcome

Makeup - Smoky eyes

Finally, it is worth emphasizing the importance of creating a network to promote the work, especially if you are at the beginning of your career and want to understand more and more about how to be a professional makeup artist. Making good contacts opens doors and puts you in contact with more and more customers.

So, think about partnerships with beauty establishments or other professionals. This can jumpstart your career. Before, define well the proposals you make and analyze the ones you receive, to ensure that you are really reaping good results from it, ok?