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Job interview: 5 tips for discreet makeup

Job interview: 5 tips for discreet makeup

Job interviews, in general, are a reason to give any professional butterflies in the stomach. Therefore, a frequent question asked by candidates is about the use of makeup in selection processes.

That's because, on occasions like this, all aspects are analyzed by recruiters, from the resume to the look and makeup. Therefore, to resolve these doubts, we have separated some tips on the best way to make discreet and elegant makeup. Check out!

Use bases with light coverage

Blush - foundations

For a job interview, it is necessary to avoid exaggeration. For this reason, the use of foundations or BB Cream with medium or light coverage is recommended, so that the skin does not look too heavy.

If you have dark circles or spots on your face, you can also use the concealer to cover imperfections. On the other hand, blush can be applied, moderately, on the cheekbones, to give a touch of naturalness.

Bet on neutral colors

Blush - Makeup

Still with the mission of discreet make up for a job interview, the second step is the application of eye shadow. It is advisable to use neutral tones for these occasions, according to the candidate's skin tone.

Pastels or browns are some options that can be considered when combined with a good eyelash mask to enhance the look. It's important to remember that makeup shouldn't draw more attention than professional makeup, so the more discreet, the better.

Is it too simple? Invest in Cat Eye

Cat Eye

If you think the makeup is too basic, you can give it a touch with Cat Eye. For this, the line made close to the lashes must be fine and impeccable to not spoil the basic look and leave the look overwhelmed.

Eyeliner can be used as a complement to makeup, for those who think that only the base and the eyelashes mask are too simple. Another resource available is the use of a white pencil on the eyes' waterline to make the look more expressive.

Avoid dark lipsticks

Dark lipsticks

To keep makeup clean, you need to avoid dark colored lipsticks, such as red. Nude works as a wildcard for situations like this, as the colour matches any type of makeup.

In addition, the colors in rosy or brown shades can also be used to finish the make up. It is worth remembering that matte lipsticks are the most indicated, due to the final finish and that you don't run the risk of smudging during the job interview.

Do not use black pencil on the eyebrows

black pencil on the eyebrows

A very frequent mistake for those who tend to correct flaws in the eyebrows is the use of black pencil, which makes it totally artificial. To avoid mistakes like this in the job interview, it is recommended to use some shade in the shade of the hair, such as brown, to make them natural and full.