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Braids: Discover the perfect braid types for you and your hair

perfect braid types for your hair

Braids are a super timeless hairstyle. Dating back to 22 thousand years before Christ, the braids have already been used to identify marital status and religion and social status.

You know that image we have of Cleopatra with golden locks? It expressed the identification of wealth by hairstyle.

Braids were also details used under caps by women in the Middle Ages. Many years later, they conquered the hippies of the 70's. Since then, the hairstyle has not left the scene!

A hairstyle that for centuries has always brought the image of a sweet and feminine woman, nowadays takes on different strands and can appeal to women of all styles. Want to see how? Come check it out!

The hair styling industry is full of jargon and complex processes. For example, how many times have you been told to “braid your hair” when what you really want is a simple twist style? If only there was a way to get your hair styled quickly and easily without all the hassle. Turns out, there is, and it’s referred to as the hair braiding technique.

Braiding your hair is a great way to add style to your appearance and make an impact. You can create a variety of different hairstyles with a simple braid: simple or complex, short or long, curly or straight. No matter what the style, a braid can easily add elegance and sophistication to your look.

Straight hair braids

Straight hair braids

Straight hair is more difficult to hold than braided hairstyles.

Braids are a great way to add movement and volume to your hair. When selecting a style, keep in mind what texture and style you want. You can get away with a lot with straighter hair, but for softer hair, it’s best to go curly. Getting your hair curly may be challenging for first-timers, but it’s not impossible and doesn’t have to be expensive.

In this case, if your goal is to make a braid that will last for many hours, the tip is to apply a little hairspray or ointment to help keep your hairstyle.

Braids with loose hair

Braids with loose hair

Loose locks bring a sensual air to the look. Perfect for those who love femininity!

You can bet on a hairstyle with part of the hair loose and part with braids. It's a charm.

Braids with loose hair are often considered unattractive, and many people believe that braids with tight hair are more professional and stylish than those with loose hair. However, braids with loose hair can look unprofessional. It is always important to maintain the desired style for braids, especially when braids are being worn for more than one purpose.

Remember: keeping the braids in straight hair is more complicated. So, another interesting tip is to bet on versions that start close to the hair root.

Tiara braids

Tiara braids

Feel like wearing a tiara, but have no money to invest in the accessory?

Make one with your own locks!

Tiara braids are one of the most popular styles for women with long hair. They require intricate work, but the effect is an elegant, sophisticated look that is perfect for any occasion. The tiara braid style is one of the most famous variations of the half loop braid, which is a popular hair style for women with long hair. The half loop braid is when you loop a small portion of your hair once and secure it with an elastic.

Best of all: the look is super feminine. Perfect for women of romantic style. If you do it with the hair up, it gets even more delicate.

And that inlaid braid?

inlaid braid

The inlaid braid is one of the most famous, and the one that takes our patience the most when doing it, isn't it?! Who has never been late because they were trying to do this type of braid?

The inlaid braid is a popular hairstyle because it is easy to do. All you need to do is braid your hair, and then add in small sections of hair that you have braided in. This adds extra style to your look without being too ostentatious, and it is a great style for women who want to add extra style to their look without going to the extreme. The inlaid braid is also a great hairstyle for people who want to add extra texture to their look without going to the extreme.

Let's tell you the secret when betting on this type of braid: add small strands of hair little by little. And of course, so much training!

When you are already ace in the simple inlaid braid, play with the accessories and give a look up.

Fish scale braid, is that right?

Fish scale braid

The fish scale braid is a variation of the traditional breed that makes it look super modern.

And the fish scale braid is one of the most common, classic braid designs. It is very straight, with one or usually two smooth braid lines along each side. Braid patterns can be used in many ways, such as for decorative hair styles or braids, but they can also be used as functional hairstyles, such as for keeping the hair out of your face. If you’re using a fish scale braid to create a style that you can also achieve with regular braids, the fish scale braid can be a great way to keep hair off of your face

It seems impossible, but it's simple: just make two divisions in the hair, pull a thin strand on each side, and alternate until you want.

A plot twist in your own narrative: bet on the inverted braid!

inverted braid

How about leaving the super different and unusual hairstyle betting on the inverted version of this hairstyle? Creative style women will love it.

When it comes to hair, there are a lot of different ways to style and look good. One of the most popular ways to style hair is to use a style that is known as an inverted braid. This style is when your hair is braided in such a way that it looks like a string of beads that is being wrapped around your head. The part of the inverted braid style is where you take half of your hair and braid it in a specific direction.

Side braid, where to use it?

Side braid

Both in more sophisticated events and everyday life, the side braid is a great bet for women who want one part of their hair loose, and the other is stuck.

Side braids are a hairstyle in which these braid-like stitches are used on both sides of the head to achieve a fuller, wider, or rounder look. It can be worn in any style, and in almost any combination of braids, twists, waves, and curls, with waves being the most popular style.  TIP: to create a side braid on longer hair, set the barre to the side of the head, hold it in place with barre hair pins, and then comb through it from the inside to the outside.

Pure charm! What do you think?