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6 tips for choosing the ideal concealer for dark skin

tips for choosing the ideal concealer for dark skin

Many women have questions regarding which type of concealer for dark skin is the most suitable. The huge range of different colors gives rise to indecisions between the right textures, the tones that best match your face, and raises doubts about how to avoid the gray region or become too marked.

Brown or reddish spots, blue or purplish dark circles, melasmas, acnes, bruises, for all these problems, there is a solution: just apply the correct concealer in the correct way, taking into account its tone.

Want to learn once and for all what kind of concealer for dark skin? So, keep reading this guide and become a true expert on the subject!

What type of concealer for dark skin: tips to discover

Type of concealer for dark skin

We already know that dark skin has its peculiarities: some are lighter, others darker, brown, and even yellowish. The good news is that there is a type of corrective for each melanin variation, with the most different features, colors, and finishes.

To find out which one is right for you, check out the following tips:

Concealers for brunettes with warm skin

Concealers for brunettes with warm skin

Brunettes can have hot or cold skin bottoms, and for each one, there is a more suitable concealer.

To find out if your skin is hot, look at the veins in your forearm. If they have greenish tones and the golden palette suits you — like gold-plated accessories — then that's the category of your complexion. From there, apply concealers in more yellowish tones in your makeup.

Concealers for brunettes with cold skin

Concealers for brunettes with cold skin

If you look at your forearm and you see that the veins are bluish and that silvery accessories look better, then your skin is cool. In this case, give preference to concealers with pink and beige backgrounds.

Now that you know how to identify the most suitable tones according to your amount of melanin, it's time to discover the tricks to correct dark skin right.

Concealers for bluish and purple dark circles

Concealers for bluish and purple dark circles

Rush, stress, tiredness, sleepless nights. All of this triggers the appearance of unwanted dark bags under the eyes. So, what is the type of concealer for dark skin when bluish or purple dark circles appear? In these cases, apply the product in orange color, which contrasts these marks and causes a healthier impression on the face.

Concealers for dark circles and brown spots

Brownish and dark brown spots are usually a genetic problem or excessive exposure to the sun. And they don't just appear in the eye region. They are also present on the forehead, chin, and cheeks.

If the doubt is about which type of concealer for dark skin to use on dark circles and brown spots, our tip is the purplish ones. If you don't have a cosmetic correction in this shade, apply purple lipstick and then cover with the foundation to hide the problem once and for all.

Concealers for dark skin to camouflage pimples

Concealers for dark skin

Although pimples appear more during adolescence, they can also accompany adult women. Although they are annoying and difficult to disguise, we have the solution.

The type of concealer for dark skin to disguise the pimples is the one that has a green tone. This camouflage also works for red and pink spots, as the reddish color is the opposite of the green one. When the two colors meet, they immediately neutralize any small mark. Then it is easy to conquer that homogeneous dermis.

The right beige concealer for every brown skin

beige concealer for brown skin

The use of concealer on a daily basis should always be in a lighter shade than the face color. So, if your skin is light brown, be careful not to overdo it and cause the "inverted panda" effect when the area below the eyes turns white.

The advice for medium and dark brunettes is just the opposite. They should also take care of the high coverage beige concealer in a lighter shade than the skin, so as not to show brown spots and dark circles, avoiding the grayish in the region.

Attention: here it is worth using the product in purple first, as mentioned above. The result will be even better and will make the most resistant marks to be completely erased.