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Learn to clean makeup brushes

Learn how to clean makeup brushes

Every makeup lover knows that brushes are essential to make them perfect and with a good finish. The care with these accessories is essential in any production, and for that reason, it cannot be neglected.

Even more important than cleaning itself, knowing what to use to wash makeup brushes is essential, as cleaning with the right materials will increase the life of the bristles and applicators.

Why clean brushes?

Clean brushes

There are two main reasons for cleaning brushes. The first reason is that they are in direct contact with the face, eyes, and mouth. Therefore, they need to be completely free of impurities, preventing contact dermatitis and the proliferation of bacteria.

The second is that, because they are in constant use and in contact with makeup, they end up accumulating products in the bristles, which can harm the finish of the next makeup and even hurt the skin.

When to clean them?

Clean brushes

In addition to knowing what to use to wash makeup brushes, it's critical to understand when to clean them. It is recommended that the applicators used for foundations, correctives, and other liquid products should be washed every two weeks, as the moisture in the cosmetics contributes to the development of fungi.

On the other hand, brushes that maintain direct contact with items whose texture is dry — such as eyeshadows, powders, blushes, and illuminators — must be sanitized once every 30 days, at least. This time is not mandatory, so if you feel it's necessary, you can — and you should! — perform it first. The important thing is to keep makeup tools in order.

In both cases above, it is important to emphasize that if the brush is used for makeup on clients, as in the case of makeup artists, cleaning must always be done after use.

It is worth mentioning that a more superficial cleaning can also be performed after each use. The deadlines mentioned are the professionals' suggestions for washing.

What to use to wash makeup brushes?

Wash makeup brushes

If you've been wondering what to use to wash makeup brushes, know that you must use products that do not damage the bristles to ensure the durability of these materials. The three main ways are:

     Neutral shampoo: believe me, shampoo with neutral pH is excellent for washing brushes. The absence of alcohol and acidity prevents damage to utensils.

     Silicone sponge and bar soap: bar soap is also a good product for cleaning these items. However, it is necessary to know the correct way to rub the bristles, as it is not a liquid cosmetic. And this is where the function of the silicone sponge comes in, as this object allows you to wash your hair effectively.

     Brush Sanitizers: The third tip of what to use to wash makeup brushes—and perhaps the safest and most effective—is to use a specific sanitizer. The exclusive function of this product is to clean the accessories, as they have substances that completely remove residues without harming the bristles, in addition to protecting against bacteria and fungi.

Step by step to clean brushes correctly

Clean brushes correctly

You already understood the whole process before washing, so it's time to get your hands dirty, or better yet, in the water! For this, we will teach you to follow a very simple step by step:

  1. First of all, check if the brush is very dirty. If it is, first clean it with a makeup remover handkerchief;
  2. Then wash the bristles under running water and apply the chosen product;
  3. Gently rub the hair. It can be either with your fingers, if you use shampoo and sanitizer, or with a silicone sponge, if you prefer the bar soap;
  4. Rinse the accessories under running water and repeat step 3 until the foam comes out completely white;
  5. Dry the utensils in a clean towel and leave them in an open place, where there is shade, until they are completely dry.