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Trench coats: classic among coats

Trench coats: classic among coats

The trench coat is a real classic that every woman should have in her wardrobe when it comes to jackets and coats. It used to be in demand as light outerwear, especially in the transition period, but now you can also get models that keep you nice and warm and are therefore wearable in winter.

It remains a classic, but there are always new trends when it comes to trench coats. Colors, cuts and length can vary a little from season to season. The great thing about the trench coat is that it goes perfectly with both elegant and sporty outfits.

The history of the trench coat

Trench coats

Originally nobody thought of chic, fashionable outerwear for women. The inventor of the trench coat is the British Thomas Burberry, who was commissioned in 1914 to design a raincoat for the British Army.

What many do not know: "trench" means trenches, so nothing at all that has anything to do with fashion. When the war was over, the soldiers shortened the trench so that it could also be worn in everyday life.

Hollywood stars like Katharine Hepburn and Marlene Dietrich discovered this male garment for themselves in the 30s. The coat really became a fashion trend in the early 1940s when Humphrey Bogart wore it in the film "Casablanca".

This is what defines the classic trench coat

classic trench coat

The classic trench coat is made from lightweight and water-repellent gabardine. The classic colours for the coat are beige and khaki, because these are typical camouflage colours, based on their actual purpose.

These natural colours are timeless and can be combined with a lot; the classic fashion colour black would also be conceivable as an alternative. It must never be brightly coloured, in which case it would be a real trend piece that will probably be out again in the coming year.

The classic is double-breasted and medium-length, it is cut narrower at the shoulders and then becomes wider at the bottom. A belt then ensures the right fit in the waist.

Of course, a classic trench coat must also have epaulettes, a wide lapel collar, the typical rain cover on the back and chest flaps.

Wear and combine the trench coat correctly

trench coat correctly

You can hardly go wrong with a trench coat when it comes to styling. It suits women of all sizes and is suitable for many occasions. Especially when you have a little more on your hips, the coat is a real figure flatterer.

Regardless of whether you like it sporty or wear elegant clothes, a trench always ensures a stylish appearance. It goes just as well with the office outfit as it does with the casual leisure look. Normally you shouldn't button your coat, the belt can be dangled casually on the sides.

If you want to close the trench coat a bit, don't button it up, but lay it slightly on top of each other at the front and then knot the belt. This ensures an elegant look so that the coat can be worn with a dress in the evening. If you wear the trench coat over a dress or a skirt, it is very important that it covers the item of clothing.

In everyday office life, the trench goes perfectly with trouser suits or costumes. In this case, it is important to have a classic color, a straight cut and knee length. If you wear the trench coat with a casual leisure outfit, it goes best with slim-cut trousers, jeans, or leggings.