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Short Jeans: Perfect models and suggestions to use in your looks

Short Jeans: Perfect models and suggestions to use in your looks

The jean shorts are a piece of versatile clothing and carry a long history! Before the 20th century, shorts were used primarily as a means of social distinction.

Women using? No way!

The game even turned in the 30s. The shorts were used in sports activities, and in the 50s, they were already part of the bathing suit. Who also remembers the peak of fitness life in the 70s?

That's when the short was popularized. At the same time, Calvin Klein was the first stylist to put the jeans on the runway, and the match was already done.

Then comes one of the most timeless and versatile clothes - denim shorts.

Before, take the test!

Short Jeans

The first step in exploring the endless possibilities of wearing denim shorts is our style test. It's free and will help you to know which look is your face!

Women's denim shorts: the best of both worlds

Short Jeans

Whether in winter or summer, women's denim shorts don't let anyone down!

One of our favorite allies proves its versatility with its 16 different models. That's right. Sixteen!

Now that you know more about your style, let's check out the 32 tips I've put together for you to walk around?

Short Jeans High Waist

Short Jeans

The high-waisted denim shorts are the most elegant and democratic of all.

The high waist makes the outfit more elegant, perfect for women of Refined style or Traditional style.

In addition, it values ​​all physical types:

     If you are shorter, this model is ideal for stretching your legs.

     If you have a few extra pounds and want to disguise your tummy, this is the ideal bet too.

     If you don't have a well defined waist, a high waist shapes your body and enhances your curves.

The true meaning of flawless clothing!

Looks with Short Jeans High Waist

Short Jeans

We already know that high-waisted denim shorts are super elegant, but you can make the production more sensual by betting on cropped denim shorts!

Perfect option for a summer full of style and beyond feminine.

For women of the Romantic style, a cropped lace will make the look more delicate. Which mood do you prefer: delicate or sensual?

Short Jeans Medium Waist

Short Jeans Medium Waist

Neither high nor low. A medium waist, also called mid-range, could be the perfect option for you!

Considered a "in place" waistband, the mid-rise jean shorts sit just below the navel.

How do I know if the average waist is right for me?

Short Jeans

Not in the mood to be so daring in production? The mid-rise denim shorts are made for you.

For women of the Natural/Sports style, who love comfort, this outfit will not disappoint. How about making the look even more comfortable by betting on boxer denim shorts?

Ideal for a day at the beach or playing sports!

Enjoy the fitness mood to do a hairstyle with braids. Remember to wear a hat to protect from the sun!

Short Jeans Low Waist

Short Jeans Low Waist

The most controversial modeling of all had its peak in the 2000s and appeared as a nightmare for most women.

Despite this, there are still those who love the Britney Spears mood and keep betting on modeling!

What is the advantage of low-rise jean shorts?

low-rise jean shorts

Even with all the controversy, it is undeniable: the low waist values ​​the butt and hips. Perfect for women who have a Tubular body!

If you're more discreet and don't like your belly sticking out, try combining denim shorts with bodysuits.

Don't have the body? This is not a cause for concern. Enjoy your swimsuit to wear as a bodysuit, and rock the look with denim shorts!


Short Jeans Short

Short Jeans Short

On the hottest days, there's nothing better than a pair of short denim shorts to stay cool, right?

Whether it's "going to the beach" or shorts at the bar at night, short denim shorts allow you a multitude of style tricks!

Style tricks

Short Jeans

If you've read this far, you want to get away from the obvious short jeans + tank top, right?

Lucky for the day: we've already foreseen this, and we recommend denim shorts with a printed shirt to take you out of your comfort zone!

Check out 4 style tricks we've separated for you to rock with this combination:

  1. Bet on the blouse effect (a part of the blouse under the shorts) to enhance the waist. Remember to spice up with accessories!
  2. Make the look ultra sensual by making a knot in the dress shirt.
  3. The printed shirt also serves as a third piece with the denim shorts. ;)
  4. For those who don't like prints, bet on a plain oversized shirt with denim shorts. Leave a few buttons open for the shorts to appear and voilà: stylish & full!