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Saving money when buying clothes - 6 tips

buying clothes

Almost every woman and man want to be dressed cool and trendy for as little money as possible. Especially when you have a family, you don't always have enough money to buy expensive designer clothes. However, with a few simple tricks, it is possible to look good on a budget.

It can work with the following tips

buying clothes

Tip 1: Sometimes you just buy clothes that you rarely use or don't need at all later. When shopping, however, you should keep a cool head and remember that jeans, socks or a white T-shirt are among the things that are available as basics in almost every store.You should just take a closer look at the prices: for a simple shirt, the price range can be between five and 50 euros.

Tip 2: Being able to say "No" from time to time: If you find something while shopping and don't know exactly whether you can even afford the item of clothing, whether it goes with the blouse at home, or whether you can already find something similar in another store saw it, hang it back for now.

After browsing through other stores, you can still decide which part you want in the end.

Tip 3: Use seasonal or sales: You can buy almost all items of clothing cheaper in the sales sale. The savings can be between 10 and 70 percent, and you can often get bargains that an enormous 80 percent has reduced.

The good thing about it: The winter sales don't just start in spring, but take place in winter. That's why, with a little patience, you can buy trendy clothes much cheaper in the middle of the season.

Tip 4: Take advantage of the low prices in the outlets: In the outlets (also known as "factory outlets"), items of clothing that come directly from the manufacturers are sold. There the prices are of course lower than in the usual shops, which increases the popularity and popularity of the outlets.

Such outlets are also emerging more and more often on the Internet. These stores sell clothing at prices that are around 20 to 30 percent lower than most traditional stores.

Tip 5: Shopping in second-hand shops or at flea markets: In second-hand shops, you can often save the most money, and used clothes are every bit as good as new. Otherwise, expensive branded clothing can often be found here for little money.

And because it is exclusive clothing, it was usually treated very carefully by the previous owners so that it is still in good condition. There are now numerous second-hand shops on the Internet so that you can order from the comfort of your own home.

You can also find cheap clothes at flea markets, but the quality is certainly not that high here. Since the clothing is sold privately, it can also be a bit worn.

On the other hand, the clothes are extremely cheap, and with a little luck, you can find great bargains here. If you like the vintage style, then a visit to flea markets is worthwhile.

Tip 6: Use eBay and swap sites: You can buy both used and new clothes on the eBay platform. If you take some time to browse the offers, you can also find great bargains here.