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Night Makeup: 5 Amazing Tips

Night Makeup

When it comes to evening makeup, a well-defined eye, accentuated lip color, and light skin come to mind. Be it a party, wedding, corporate event, or a night out with friends, make transforms the night and raises self-esteem.

Combining eyeshadow colors, lipsticks and, of course, the contour of the face is essential, but it is necessary to have a balanced production so as not to be exaggerated.

If you're in doubt about how to balance your makeup for the night, we've put together five amazing tips to help you out!

Clean, moisturize and prepare

Night Makeup

During the day, the skin can lose water and accumulate residues, so before doing your devastating makeup, you need some care. Skin preparation should start with cleaning to remove impurities and leftover makeup.

A very important point is to moisturize your skin! It is worth using from a gel or a facial moisturizing emulsion. The focus here is to recover what the skin lost during the day and ensure the health of the complexion to receive makeup for the night.

To set the makeup well and ensure it lasts all night, close the skin preparation using a face primer.

Bet on the contour

Night Makeup

Making a good contour will guarantee the differential in the makeup result. Reducing the forehead and thinning the nose and face are actions that can be easily done with the use of products.

To get the perfect contour, the tip is to use a color that is one shade above the skin color. But remember, one shade is enough so the skin won't be overly marked.

When in doubt, smoke!

Night Makeup

If you don't have a lot of skill, but want to make your eye look great in your evening makeup, it's worth blending. Using a dark color and making a smoky eye is a real joker for makeup.

For the result to be amazing, apply a color a little less dark in the concave region and go smoky to cover the part of the eyelid. Make continuous movements with the brush until you reach the desired effect. Finish by applying the dark eyeshadow to get that eyeliner just the way you want!

Although the smoky is the big trick, you can also dare and apply a special fine glitter and give a whole touch of shine to the production.

The lipstick in makeup for the night

Night Makeup

Lipstick is a must-have item! In evening makeup, this would be no different. Choosing a killer lip color will also make all the difference.

Here, the maxim of balance applies, so as not to make the makeup too heavy. If you have a very strong and marked eye, bet on a lighter colored lipstick. But, if you were subtle in the eyes, bet on a strong colored lipstick to highlight the production.

Blush, illuminator, and fixer

Night Makeup

The blush is a darling, which cannot be left out of the final makeup for the night, as it will bring that color that gives an air of health to the skin. This tip you may already know, but it's always good: when you use the blush, smile! This will help to better identify the cheekbones to apply the product.

After the blush, you can still give a touch of luminosity to the skin using a powder illuminator, in the same region.

If you really want your evening makeup to last a long time, the idea is to close the production with a makeup fixative spray. The tip is to use the Spray Makeup Finisher, which keeps the makeup intact for a period of 6 to 8 hours. The product will help the skin resist the effects of perspiration and contact with other people.