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Fashion trend: neon colors everywhere you look

Fashion trend neon colors

The 80s and 90s are back, at least when it comes to fashion trends. There is no way around a fashion trend this summer, because neon colors are with us every step of the way.

Bright colors go wonderfully with summer, and we have come across them quite often in recent years. Today we're going to give you a few tips on how to best wear neon colors without looking over the top and what to combine them with.

What should I pay attention to when styling?

Fashion trend neon colors

In any case, it is important not to overdo it with the bright colors, so a complete outfit in neon should definitely be avoided. Instead, it is better if you only select a single piece in neon color and hold back a little in terms of color for the rest of the outfit.

If a gaudy shirt or trousers is too much for you at first, you can feel your way around these fashion trends with an accessory such as a bracelet or a handbag. When it comes to fashion jewelry and handbags, people are currently relying on bright colors.

You also have to know that neon colors are not suitable for everyone, it always depends on the type, whereby the complexion is particularly important. Yellow and green, in particular, often do not flatter women with a light complexion, they usually look better on darker types.

With dark hair, orange and pink, in particular, look very pretty, blondes, on the other hand, look better with green and yellow, which makes the colors less harsh. But you should always find out for yourself what suits you, so try on shirts in all colors.

Restraint is the order of the day with make-up

Fashion trend neon colors

Clothing in neon colors is always noticeable, so it is the top priority to hold back when doing your make-up for it. The nude look goes perfectly with such an outfit, a little mascara, a little blush, and a light lip gloss are sufficient.

During the day, the look should be a bit more subtle, in the evening, you can then give it a little more gas. So you can combine several neon colors for a party or a visit to the disco.

However, you should always pay attention to the right combination. Neon green goes well with a light yellow, and orange goes perfectly with red. The outfit looks very cool when you combine the neon colors with jeans.

Pastel colors are the stark opposite of neon nuances, and that's exactly what a mix of both can make so exciting. In addition, the pastel colors weaken the glare a little.

The look can also look cheap quickly

Fashion trend neon colors

You should definitely avoid cheap-looking materials, otherwise the outfit will quickly look trashy. The look gets a touch of glamor with flowing or slightly shiny materials and can also look very classy.

In order not to make the look too bright, it is best to combine neon colors with nude nuances, beige or gray. In combination with black, you get a great contrast, in combination with white the look looks more elegant and very summery.

Even in everyday working life, you don't have to do without neon colors, but here you should leave it with accessories in bright colors. For example, you can spice up your outfit with a statement chain, colorful bracelets, or a belt in neon color.

You have to be very careful with high heels in neon colors, especially these can make the outfit look very cheap. It is better to opt for shoes in which the bright color is combined with a neutral, subtle tone.