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Productive Home Office: 6 Tips for Working at Home Without Losing Style

Home Office

A home office has become a very common and important practice at this time, but we are not going to leave the style aside! When we work at home, we usually let ourselves be carried away by the comforts of home and end up spending the day in our pajamas, working on the bed, and leaving the schedule all messed up. But, the proposal here is to do it differently in our home office.

We have separated some important tips to have a productive and stylish home office!

Routine for a productive home office

Home Office

At home, things are a little different from in the company environment, so it is necessary to follow a routine to ensure productivity. Hours to wake up, have lunch, take short breaks to stretch your body, stretch, have a coffee, and end your working day are essential.

Create your routine and find the right formula for you, after all, everyone has different habits and characteristics, so this "cake recipe" will vary from person to person.

Lipstick to lift the spirits

Home Office

It's not because you're working from home that you're going to lose style, right?! Lipstick can't be left out of your days: it's worth a light, dark, nude color… whatever you prefer.

This will help give you that lift in your spirits to have a productive home office.

Blush to give color

Home Office

To liven up even more and give that lookup, use a little blush on your cheekbones. This will bring more liveliness and a feeling of health, to face the day away from your usual routine.

And, also, it's always good to go through the mirror and have that good feeling of being belx, even being at home all day.

Take off your pajamas!

Home Office

As tempting as it may seem to spend all day in your pajamas, you have to take them off. For a productive home office, you need to act as you would on normal days, ie: wake up, take your shower, do your things, and change your clothes.

Of course, you don't need to put on a heel, let alone a day-to-day social outfit, but put on comfortable clothes and start the day for real, with a lot of focus. It's a simple thing, but it will make a difference in your productivity.

Get ready for video calls

Home Office

When you are working from home, you may be caught off guard by a video call to resolve some important issue. So that this doesn't happen and your home office continues to be productive in all aspects, it's worth following the tips above and always being prepared.

There is no need for a super production, but just a few touches so that whoever is on the other side has a good impression and so that you feel good about yourself, keeping your self-esteem up there.

Style and health go together

Home Office

Remember: during this period at home you also need to stay healthy! So, no running to the fridge several times a day. It's not just a matter of weight, it's also a matter of health. Keep track of the treats and keep to schedules for eating. Your body and your skin will thank you.

It's tempting, we know, but all this will pass, and you need to be prepared to face the world again – always in a good mood and health.