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High heels: With these 7 tips you will learn to walk in high heels

High Heels

High heels are the epitome of feminine elegance and sexiness. They enhance every outfit - regardless of whether you wear the little black dress or destroyed jeans. And they also flatter every figure by optically stretching them out. For this, however, you should wear the right high heels. Because with the right high heels for your figure, you can skillfully stage your femininity.

As convincing as the advantages of high heels may be, there are two (not entirely insignificant) catches: On the one hand, it can hurt like hell to walk on high heels, and on the other hand, walking has to be learned first. Here you can find out which tips and tricks you will soon use to make the perfect appearance on high heels.

This is how you make the perfect appearance in high heels:

Loosen and stretch your feet beforehand

High Heels

What applies to sports should also be taken to heart when running in high heels. Before you get down to business, you should loosen and stretch your feet extensively. Use a massage ball, for example, and stand on tiptoe for a long time. The targeted spreading of the toes also helps to prepare your feet for the upcoming walking on high heels.

Start small and grow continuously

High Heels

Did you know that shoes can only be called high heels from a heel height of 10 centimeters? Everything below is simply pumps. The fact that the name doesn't quite work doesn't mean that you can't train with the less steep heels. If you aim high, you should always start down-to-earth. There is absolutely nothing wrong with practicing running with five to seven centimeter heels. The slightly flatter variants give you a feeling for how the center of gravity of your body is shifting and how you can best compensate for the change. In this way, your feet can get used to the new challenge bit by bit - because that is definitely wearing high heels!

Control your posture

High Heels

If you slump in yourself, hunch your shoulders and have no tension in your body, you will have great difficulty walking on high heels. To counteract a wrong attitude right from the start, you can use the classic book method. Simply put a book (or several copies later) upside down and walk in such a way that it does not fall down.

Put it on at the back, unroll at the front

High Heels

Let us now come to the specific technique of running on high heels. It was already mentioned earlier in the text that the high hooks slightly shift your body's centre of gravity. This has the consequence that when you wear the shoes, you have the feeling of tipping forward. So that this doesn't actually happen (or you crash land in a different way), it is important that you always put the heels firmly on the floor and then roll your foot forward. Distribute your body weight evenly over the entire length of the foot and consciously train the technique until you can practically master it in your sleep.

Choosing the right high heels

High Heels

High heels come in an almost infinite number of variations, and that's why women's hearts beat faster. As a beginner, however, you shouldn't be guided solely by personal preferences, you should always keep an eye on your firm stance. Seeing very openly designed high heels were stunning, but they also slip off your feet quickly. Better: Variants that are either completely closed or have great strappy lacing.

Practice playfully in your own four walls

High Heels

Is it too embarrassing for you to stalk through the lettuce like a stork in public? Then first train your high heels in your own four walls. Here you can try yourself out without any pressure and learn to put on high heels in a playful way.

First short distances, then longer and longer

High Heels

When you have gained your first experience and feel reasonably safe, it is time for your first public appearance on high hooks. Please don't make the mistake of aiming too high for yourself. If you are just learning to walk in high heels, you should start with short distances and expand them more and more. In this way, you gradually get your feet used to the high heels - similar to increasing the heel height.

So: first a walk to the bakery around the corner, then to the hairdresser in the neighboring district and finally, if you feel really safe, the high heels premiere at work. If you ask too much of yourself right from the start, you will end up being disappointed and have terrible foot pain.