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Rock your makeup for the summer

Rock your makeup for the summer

Each season calls for different shades, but you've probably noticed that some signs of what will be essential in the toilet bag began to show their faces the season before. So it is! And many surprises are to come.

4 makeup trends for summer 2021

makeup trends for summer

Summer makeup is more natural. The time has come to save those high coverage bases and prioritize versions with shines and light finishes. In addition, the eyebrows should also appear less drawn, replacing those dense pigments with a mask that keeps the hair coiffed without altering the tone.

The colors appear more vibrant and are designed to harmonize perfectly with a glowing skin. This is the season of the dream of "beautiful make" with a dash of daring.

Do you want to understand more about the 4 makeup trends for the summer? So, look:

The skin with glow effect is with everything

The skin with glow effect

The dewy skin, which translates to "fresh skin", is back in makeup for the summer. You certainly already know the "wet skin" effect, much more natural and without a heavy finish, right? Well then. It is she who will dominate the season.

In the first place, the secret is to have a healthy dermis, achieved throughout the year by following a complete skincare routine. Therefore, step number 1 is to cleanse, moisturize and tone your face daily. The tip to get the glow effect with the glamor that summer deserves.

Shadows and colored outlines, yes!

Shadows and colored outlines

The eyes are free territory to color in makeup for summer 2021. The neons are all over, and the darling shade of the moment is orange. In addition to it, other fluorescent colors are also noteworthy, such as lime green, pink and yellow. It's time to use and abuse the vibrant eyeshadows.

The colored outline can be used by those who do not want to dare to tone the entire eyelid and can be done with pencil or even with eyeshadow. For this, just use a very fine and firm brush, moisten the accessory with water so that it absorbs more makeup and, finally, make the contour you want on the eyes.

It's time for lips to stand out

It's time for lips to stand out

Who said that coloring couldn't also be on the lips? Red, which is always a trend, for example, this time appears in more open and orange nuances. Besides him, lipsticks with vibrant colors will be present in the makeup for the summer and will bring life to any production.

When producing, just remember to use shades similar to the eyeshadow so you don't get overdone, ok? As the balance is everything, if you've gone over the top of your eyelids, it's worth combining it with a mouth made with nude gloss, perfect also with the dewy skin we talked about earlier.

The glossy is finally back

The glossy is finally back

The wet effect goes beyond the skin in summer makeup: the glossy trend will be all over the face. It's worth playing in the eyeshadows and creamy blushes, besides, of course, not skimping on lip gloss, which can be applied to the lips and eyelids for an elegant finish.

An amazing tip that has the face of the hottest season of the year is the magic gloss. It looks black, but when applied to the lips or any part of the face, it takes on a different color, from wine to pink, and has different results for each person. It's a lot of personality for one product, don't you think?