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Discover the 5 colors chosen as the 2021 fashion trend

Discover the 5 colors chosen as the 2021 fashion trend

Do you already know which colors of 2021 are going to hit?

Summer is coming, and we are soon in the mood to rock in colorful and full of life looks, right?

Neo Mint, Purist Blue, Cassis, Cantaloupe and Mellow Yellow are the current bets chosen by several stylists on the catwalks and on the streets worldwide!

Do you know which of these shades have to do with your style or are present in your color chart? No?

So you can't miss this post with all the inspirations and tips for you to rock with the hottest tunes of the moment!

Neo Mint

Neo Mint Fashion

The tone is already super high in fashion, decoration, and everywhere! The Neo Mint is a clear and pastel shade of green. Do you remember the Candy Colors trend?

Neo Mint is very similar to Candy Color green. A tone that brings freshness and modernity to any look.

Inspirations for using the Neo Mint color in your looks

As it is a light and pastel shade, the connection with the Romantic style is immediate. Want to make your feminine look more sophisticated and mature?

Invest in lighter, less obvious pastels like Neo Mint replacing pink and baby blue.

The combination of this shade of green with gray mixes, for example, it looks beautiful and super modern!

If you want to create a bolder look, how about making a mix of complementary colors by mixing Neo Mint with Millennial Pink? A bolder combination and, at the same time, superharmonic!

Purist Blue

Purist Blue Fashion

Very close to Serenity Blue, Purist Blue is a shade of baby blue a little more closed and opaque. A versatile and perfect shade to color your spring/summer without exaggeration!

Inspirations for using the Purist Blue color in your looks

Purist Blue communicates neutrality, smoothness, and elegance.

That's why it is a perfect shade for women of the Romantic style and for women of the Refined style and Traditional style, who seek a timeless and discreet look.

Bet on the Purist Blue + Off White combo for an ultra-sophisticated look! We love it!


Cassis Fashion

The Cassis is a mixture of purple and pink. As if it were a shade of pink rose without any intensity, becoming quite opaque.

The interesting thing about opaque tones is that they always bring more elegance than very vibrant tones.

Inspirations for using the color Cassis in your looks

Similar tones have been explored a lot recently, such as Lavender and Purple/Violet.

As it is a mixture of these tones, Cassis brings a lot of information:

Elegance and femininity, style features that we've covered in this post as the Romantic style, refined style, and traditional style. In addition to a certain irreverent and exotic air typical of the Creative style.

The mixture of Cassis with emerald green or even with Neo Mint creates an unusual analogous combination. Perfect for those Creative style women who know how to carry a different look!


Cantaloupe Fashion

For those who don't like the color orange, it's time to re-evaluate your preferences!

The Cantaloupe is a light orange, soft tone, very close to the beach! Yes, now it's much easier to combine oranges in your productions, isn't it?

Inspirations for using Cantaloupe color in your looks

This opaque and pastel orange tone brings joy to any look!

The color is perfect for the most casual and casual women, like the ones in the Natural Sport style.

It also shines in the eyes of women who love a powerful and glamorous look like Sexy Style women.

Cantaloupe can be a great option for that look that has the look of summer.

A tone that is very reminiscent of the Living Coral, one of the Pantone colors of 2021, but which is more orange than pink.

It's a warm but extremely elegant tone! We love it!

Combine Cantaloupe with Neo Mint and create a perfect combination to enjoy the summer.

Mellow Yellow

Mellow Yellow Fashion

The last color chosen as the top 5 colors of 2021 is the shade of bright yellow, known as Mellow Yellow.

A more intense and vibrant yellow than mustard, a color that has been very popular in recent seasons.

Inspirations for using the color Mellow Yellow in your looks

The Mellow Yellow is also a warm color that communicates joy, simplicity, and visually striking and modern.

Perfect for women who have the Natural/Sports style and love a colorful look and Dramatic/Urban style women, who enjoy a striking look and high contrast between colors.

If you want to make your production with Mellow Yellow even more cheerful, how about mixing it with another vibrant color such as pink? The face of women of Creative style!

But if you are looking for a way to bring an elegant look to Mellow Yellow, the right bet is to create a monochromatic production with the tone.