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How to choose the colour of the blush

colour of the blush

When it comes to makeup, a very common mistake among women is choosing the wrong colour for blush. The result? An artificial effect instead of flushed cheeks and a healthy looking face. And if you're unsure which blush to use, don't worry anymore. Today, we will teach you how to buy the right pigmentation for your skin tone.

We know that most people are concerned with acquiring the correct foundation and concealer, but end up not caring about the blush and contour, for example. For this reason, the makeup is heavy and totally compromised — especially in photos, when the flash highlights the cheekbones that are too marked or the side of the face that is too dark.

So that this doesn't happen to you, it's essential to choose the right blush colour and know how to apply the product correctly. So, keep an eye out for the tips we'll give you below and put an end to the gaffes in your productions. Come on?

How to choose the ideal blush color for each skin tone

The ideal blush color for each skin tone

First of all, it's important to point out that the key is to choose a blush colour that is similar to your natural skin tone. This will make the product be in harmony and not stand out too much or too little.

Also, another trick that professional makeup artists use is always to keep a peach option in their briefcases, as this shade is neutral and suits all women. But if you want to know exactly what is the ideal blush for your dermis, check out a list of the main options below:

Light skins

Light skins

Whiter people tend to have a flushed appearance and slightly reddened cheeks, right? Therefore, when choosing the colour for blush, they should prefer shades of peach — a wild item that we've talked about above — and cherry, which will give a more natural look.

Yellowish and oriental skins

Yellowish and oriental skins

For Orientals, the tip is to bet on pinker shades — such as blush rose gold, for example — which neutralize the yellowish skin and do not cause an imbalance in production.

Brown and brown skins

Brown and brown skins

In brunettes and browns, orange should be avoided — they already have a very artificial effect. Therefore, ideally they choose the colour for blush in a more earthy palette, which can range from light brown, burnt pink and even bronze and gold pigments for night events.

Black skins

Black skins

To conquer flushed cheeks, black women must flee from two villains: pink and orange tones, since both give an unnatural and harmonic makeup air. Therefore, here the gold and bronze can be darkened, reaching terracotta and varying between coffee brown and wine.

How to apply blush correctly

apply blush correctly

After figuring out how to choose the blush colour that best suits you, you need to analyze your face shape to get the right application:

     Oval face: to taper the cheeks and gain a thinner appearance, the product should be applied close to the cheekbones;

     Square face: To avoid further highlighting the chin, gently rub the blush below the temples;

     Round face: if the idea is to smooth the features, deposit the cosmetic slightly below the apples, smudging it towards the central region of the cheeks.