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Yellow is that the trend color summer 2021

Yellow is the trend color in summer 2021

No colour stands for summer as much as yellow, because it symbolizes the sun with its warming rays. The sun illuminates our minds, it gives us light and joie de vivre - minds and flowers bloom in equal measure.

Yellow will be with you every step of the way in the world of fashion this summer. The designers show themselves as sun worshipers and present clothing in the many nuances that the colour yellow offers us.

Yellow in all possible shades

Yellow in all possible shades

Whether in the office, in your free time or at parties, you can't avoid the colour yellow in summer 2021. Due to the wide range of nuances, there should be something for every type, because after all, yellow is not exactly an easy colour.

Yellow is not only a symbol for the sun, but also stands for individuality, whoever wears yellow wants to stand out. So you need a lot of self-confidence to wear yellow clothes, because you are sure to pay attention.

We wear yellow this season either on its own or in combination with white or pastel colours. The combination with black usually looks too heavy, with light tones, on the other hand, interesting contrasts arise, and the yellow is also muted a bit, so that the look appears more subtle.

You can wear a light blue jacket with a yellow dress or a pencil skirt. Or how about a pair of yellow trousers in combination with a fine blouse in a delicate light pink or white?

Light types can also wear yellow

Light types can also wear yellow

From pale lemon yellow to a natural honey yellow to warm golden yellow and rich canary yellow, almost everything in yellow is represented in the shops. This trend does not stop at shoes and accessories either.

Even women with blonde hair and fair complexions do not necessarily have to do without the trendy colour of summer. However, you shouldn't wear yellow close to your face, so go for pants or a skirt in a shade of yellow. Or you can opt for sandals or pumps in summery yellow.

Women with dark hair and tanned complexions, on the other hand, have the full range to choose from, with a cool lemon yellow looking particularly attractive for this type of woman, plus a white, transparent fabric, and the perfect summer look is ready.

If you are really brave, you can go all in yellow and combine different nuances with each other. A pale yellow dress with neon yellow sandals can also look very pretty.

The clothes in yellow do not necessarily have to be extremely feminine, women who prefer it purist and slightly masculine will also find the right clothes. For example, you can wear a straight-cut dress in light mustard yellow without any playful details.

By the way, yellow doesn't stop at men's fashion either. Men also like to wear shoes, ties or handkerchiefs in yellow this summer.