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White outfits - the hit in summer 2021

White outfits

White was already one of the trend colors last year, and it was particularly popular in combination with classic black. In the summer of 2021, white is also often worn on its own, so an outfit completely in white is also possible.

Even now in winter we often encounter white, for example in the form of cozy sweaters. In the collections for the coming summer, white dominated in various variants, including wool white, ivory, eggshell, or pearl white.

Airy and casual summer outfits

Airy and casual summer outfits

A completely white outfit no longer has anything to do with the wedding, at least this summer. If this is too monotonous or colorless for you, you can also add accents with black or various shades of gray.

You can see the trend color in most designers. A combination with transparent fabric was often used, but very deep back cutouts and crop tops were also on display.

For many, white is a "non-color", it stands for purity and lightness and thus fits perfectly with summer. It is suitable for a wide variety of occasions and can be worn both sportily and elegantly.

A casual linen blouse or a polo shirt is ideal for a casual summer evening with friends, such as a barbecue party.

On the other hand, a white blouse in combination with a narrowly cut pencil skirt or a white summer dress for a romantic look can be very elegant.

However, white clothing should not be too tight, as it wears out quickly. Flowing fabrics and other cuts in bright white are much better. So white, skin-tight jeans are not necessarily one of the fashion trends of summer 2021.

International designers set trends in white

International designers set trends in white

Above all, designers rely on striking cuts and strict lines. It can be draped, wrapped, and layered, the outfit just has to be nice and airy. For example, flowing shirt dresses that are nicely slit are very trendy.

It can also be very sporty, as the designer Stella McCartney shows us. She created an oversize look with short shirt sleeves on the jumpsuit, wide elastic at the waist and wide trousers with an elastic hem at the ankles.

On the other hand, Michael Kors presented the elegant version with long, white coats with a large collar and to be closed with a light brown leather buckle belt. Karl Lagerfeld relies on sleeveless dresses made of Chanel tweed in wool white for his collection.

Long blazers were combined with high-slit midi skirts. A floor-length dress with fringed hem by Calvin Klein is very sexy and sophisticated.

A white outfit doesn't necessarily have to look good. You can also spice up a romantic, white dress with a bright clutch or striking jewelry. Accessories in bright colors always go perfectly with white clothing.