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Outfit for pregnant women: 8 must-haves for your styling with a baby bump

Outfit for pregnant women: 8 must-haves for your styling with a baby bump

Pregnant women are proud of their baby bump and can show it off too. With the right clothes, you can go through your pregnancy in a chic and comfortable way.

When you find out that you are pregnant, the whole world suddenly turns upside down. Nothing is like it was before, and all of a sudden 1000 questions have to be answered. Once the initial excitement has subsided and the most important matters have been clarified, the 1001st question quickly comes to the expectant mum's head: What will I wear in the coming months? Pregnancy fashion has a rather mixed reputation. In fact, it has changed for the better in recent years - but many fashion-conscious women still find it difficult to dress stylishly and variedly during pregnancy. If you don't always want to wear dungarees and a striped shirt, you should definitely read this post. Because in it you will find some really great suggestions and absolute must-haves for your maternity outfit.

Must-have # 1: oversize sweaters

oversize sweaters

Not only pregnant women love oversize sweaters. Because even without a fat belly, you usually cut a very good figure here. If you are pregnant, you will just love sweaters, which come in many colors and materials. On the one hand, because they are comfortable and have enough space for your stomach, and on the other hand, they can be combined really well with different clothing items. The result is a variety of outfits that suit every situation and mood.

Must-have # 2: tunics and wrap tops

tunics and wrap tops

These tops are especially recommended if you still want to hide your pregnancy bump a little. Tunics and wrap tops are usually cut wide and flatter the stomach area. But be careful - under certain circumstances, they can do the exact opposite and make you appear plump. Of course, if you want to show your stomach with pride, that's not a problem. Tunics and wrap blouses definitely offer enough space and can often be worn until the end of pregnancy. Colorful and very feminine prints also ensure that these tops bring a bit of variety to your maternity wardrobe.

Must-Have # 3: maternity Jeans

maternity Jeans

You can say what you want, nothing belongs in a woman's wardrobe (whether pregnant or not) as urgently as well-fitting jeans. This garment can be easily combined with anything and is the basis for many different looks. If your stomach is stretching forward a lot, sooner or later, your normal favorite jeans will no longer fit you. Then it is high time for a decent pair of maternity jeans with a stretch waistband. This not only ensures that everything fits in your pants and that it doesn't pinch anywhere, but also packs your stomach securely so that you never show skin unintentionally.

Fortunately, pregnancy jeans are now available in almost every color, shape, and wash. This ensures that you can stay true to your style even with a fat belly and do not have to compromise on fashion.

Must-have # 4: dresses


There are so many women who come to appreciate the benefits of clothes during pregnancy. Because even the best pants with a stretch waistband pinch and pinch at some point, dresses are simply incredibly comfortable - regardless of the situation, posture, and month of pregnancy.

In addition, there are dresses for pregnant women in almost every shape and color. If you want to dress stylishly during your pregnancy, you do not have to resort to the classic babydoll (or "hanging dress"). There are so many models that will flatter your figure and put your fat belly in the limelight.

Must-have # 5: midi skirts

midi skirts

Midi skirts - that is, skirts that reach above the knee and are often slightly flared - are particularly popular in the fashion world, and rightly so. Because the stylish models not only look stunning, they are also totally comfortable. Another advantage: As a pregnant woman, you can pick up on this trend and integrate it into your look. Midi skirts are usually not worn on the hips, but below the chest. This, in turn, is perfect when your stomach has already reached a certain size and needs its space. Combined with blouses, shirts, longsleeves, or the oversize sweater mentioned above, you can conjure up a stunning outfit in no time at all that attracts everyone's attention.

Must-have # 6: leggings


Let's get back from the trend part to the basics. It may sound almost trivial, but you should definitely have a few good leggings in your repertoire as a pregnant woman, which can ideally be pulled over the stomach. The reason: They are the basis for many fast yet cool styles, and on top of that, they are just incredibly comfortable.

Leggings can be combined with pretty much everything that pregnancy fashion has to offer - from XXL sweaters to a wide variety of dresses and tunics. Since they are usually quite unspectacular, you can step on the gas and set highlights in the upper part of your outfit. After all, you don't want to run around like a gray mouse during your pregnancy.