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Avoid bad purchases: 6 tips against dead clothes in the closet

Avoid bad purchases: 6 tips against dead clothes in the closet

We women are downright addicted to clothes. And I'm certainly not the only one who has one or two bad purchases hanging in the closet. Things still look great in the store. However, at home, we often find our way back to reality and find that the new top makes us thicker than we really are or makes us appear wider. This is not least due to the fact that not every item of clothing is suitable for every figure.

In the following, I would like to show you some ways you can avoid such bad purchases. 

Tip 1: Know your figure type!

Know your figure type!

If you take a look around the street, you will find that there are very different types of figures. They all differ in their proportions:

     A-type: Women with this figure have a narrow torso and significantly wider hips and thighs. As a rule, tops should be one size smaller than bottoms.

     H-Type: In this figure, the torso, waist, and hips are approximately the same size. Accordingly, tops and bottoms can be bought in the same size.

     O-type: Women are commonly referred to as chubby, as they are characterized by a round body with a pronounced abdominal area and usually also a lush bust. The legs, on the other hand, are usually slim.

     V-Type: Characteristic of this figure is the pronounced shoulder area with usually a large bust and a narrow waist and hips. Typically, the tops should be chosen one size larger than the bottoms.

     X-type: Women with such a figure have a generous bust, rounded hips, and a narrow waist. Tops and bottoms fit the same size.

Depending on which figure type applies to you, there are different things that you should consider when choosing a dress. In any case, it is advisable to emphasize your assets and to distract from your problem areas.

Tip 2: Buy things that go with the rest!

Buy things that go with the rest!

It is best if you already know how to combine the new clothes in the store. Then you can safely take the things with you. However, if you first have to think about what you can wear the new shirt or shoes for, you should stay away from it first.

Tip 3: Take your time shopping!

Take your time shopping!

Nothing is worse than buying things under pressure. Because then it can happen that you buy something even though you are not one hundred percent satisfied with the selection. So take your time and take your time to look around when you need something to wear. If one store doesn't have the right one for you, go to another store. Likewise, after an unsuccessful shopping tour, you should rather start a new attempt on a different day than necessarily buy something!

Tip 4: Don't buy anything for occasional occasions!

Don't buy anything for occasional occasions!

You go shopping and see a dress that could be wonderfully worn to a wedding or a gala. Even if the dress is fantastically beautiful and a real bargain, you'd better leave it in place. Because if you don't put it on in the near future, chances are you will never wear it. It would be a shame about the dress and the money.

Tip 5: Don't buy anything without trying it on!

Don't buy anything without trying it on!

You have probably already bought a piece of clothing in your usual size without trying it on first. If you liked it and liked it, then you were really lucky. Because the printed dress sizes have little informative value. Some trousers can fit you in one shop and won't fit you in the next shop. In addition, the things worn look very different than they do on the hanger. You should always try on jeans in particular beforehand. The jeans are available in different fits for the different figures, which you can use for orientation. But you shouldn't rely on it. It is better to test the perfect fit right in the store.

Tip 6: Turn your bad purchases into cash!

Turn your bad purchases into cash!

Your bad purchases don't have to eke out a bleak existence in your closet. There are sure to be people who would love these things. So what could be more obvious than selling these things? You can classically do that at a flea market. But if you want to reach a larger mass, online platforms such as eBay.

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