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Combine the trend color orange This is how your look looks stylish

Combine the trend color orange: This is how your look looks stylish

The trend color orange comes in different faces. Different color schemes can be seen everywhere. From a strong tangerine to gentle honey to a fine apricot, everything is included. One thing is clear: the color orange should not be missing this season. But who can wear the trend color? How do you best combine orange, and what is an absolute no-go with it? We'll tell you now!

Who can wear the trend color orange?

Who can wear the trend color orange?

In fact, anyone can wear orange - it just depends on the color. Most people understand orange as a strong tone that shines like the sun in the evening, but orange is much more than that. It comes in different facets, and as multifaceted as the color is, it can also be worn by a wide variety of people.

Women with dark complexions and dark hair:

The color orange looks particularly good on women with dark complexions and dark hair. In order not to appear too pale, you can rely on strong nuances. For example, a bright sun orange, a strong golden orange, or even a sixties orange look good.

Women with fair complexions and blond hair:

Women with fair complexions and blond hair prefer the light orange tones. The color harmonizes with the skin color and does not make you look pale even in combination with the strong orange. Soft apricot, a light mandarin, or a calm pastel orange look great.

Women with light skin and dark hair:

Everyone else with light skin and dark hair is free to choose. You can choose strong, but also subtle colors. You don't have to be afraid of being drowned in the colors or looking pale.

Select orange shade according to body shape:

But it's not just about the color, but also the shape of how orange is worn. Women who are a little more corpulent wear orange best as a single item of clothing in combination with basic tones such as black or white. Those who are very slim, on the other hand, can wear items of clothing with flounces to get feminine curves. Those who want to conceal, rely on cozy clothes in orange, which distract from the problem areas.

Orange is also in great demand when it comes to accessories

Orange is also in great demand when it comes to accessories

If you don't want to go for a whole outfit in orange, you can simply use accessories. This enhances the rather simple everyday look in the office and turns it into an eye-catcher. The exciting splash of color conjures up a visually appealing look in no time at all. There are mini and maxi bags in orange and earrings, bracelets, or sandals in the color that provides highlights.

The look with the accessories is most beautiful when orange and gold are combined. This not only makes the color look trendy, but also classy. So if you are looking for a special look for a subtle evening dress, orange and gold are the best choices.

What is the best way to combine orange?

What is the best way to combine orange?

✓ Tone on tone:

Combining orange colour is actually very easy. First and foremost, orange colour can very well stand on its own. The color does not necessarily need a combination partner. It works best on its own. So if you want, you can simply put on an orange dress or an orange jumpsuit and be perfectly dressed.

✓ Orange combined with black, white, or earth tones:

If, on the other hand, you want to go for individual items of clothing in orange that want to be combined with other colors, you should first fall back on the basic shades. Orange goes well with black and white. Earth tones such as beige, gray, or brown also look great with her. For example, an orange skirt can be combined with a dark brown top. But gray jeans with an orange flounce top are also possible.

✓ Two tone styles:

If you like it poppier and like to stand out, you can also opt for two-tone styles. Since orange likes to come across as a bold color, other bold colors are suitable to combine with each other. A strong moss green, a beautiful navy blue, an intense violet, a bright yellow, or a fiery red attract attention.

Two tone means that one item of clothing is always available in the full color and that both are combined with one another. For example, a yellow denim skirt is combined with an orange T-shirt or a red blouse with orange shorts.